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New Kitten

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Wanted to introduce a new kitten to you all... unfortunately, she's not mine, but is staying with a friend temporarily. She's 2 months old, and very very fiesty and fearless

Here she is getting along with the dog. Don't worry, they don't stay in the same room unsupervised (tho the dog is very good-natured and sweet)

And somemore pix of her going nuts with a peacock feather

Hope you liked meeting Crystal
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She is beautiful!
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What a little cutie pie! Definitely worthy of a cuteness alert!
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Yes, Crystal needs to come with a cuteness alert!!! So precious What a good dog, too, to be gentle with the kitten
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Aww, the dog and cat match! I would love to get my hands on a peacock feather, they look like great cat toys.
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Thanks for saying she's cute. I'll get somemore pix of her and put them up here. So far I haven't been able to catch a good shot of her face yet cos she's always on the move! The dog's afraid of her cos she's such a spitfire
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awe what a cutie....look at how tiny she is such a cutie
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OMG you guys HAVE to see this. I love it that they're getting along this well Doggy Deccan is having his dinner and kitten Crystal is drinking from his water dish side by side!

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aww, such a cute looking kitty.
and the last pic with water bowel is the best
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Awww don't you want her for yourself??
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how cute!! isn't it adorable when kitties and doggies are friends??
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awww what a precious little kitty! She looks so cute next to the dog, with her being so tiny!
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What a darling baby.........I love to see kitties and puppies getting along!
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One fuzzy pic coming right up! You can see Crystal's doggy friend in the background of the pic. Sorry about the quality

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Awwww!! How adorable is she?! I'm in love!
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She is sooo cute! It is so nice to see them getting along so well. It's cute to see them side by side at the food area also.
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Awww! I love your pictures! Crystal is gorgeous.
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aw how cute!!!!! what a little gorgeous bundle of energy!
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Thanks for looking! I've got more pix of baby Crystal for you. Hope you like them

She looks like she's sitting pretty...

But she's actually threatening the doggy. He won't even look her in the eye!

She really LOVEs to play. Anything which moves would catch her attention and hold it for a long long time

She's quite keen on learning to read too. But the poor honey's not even looking at the words in the correct direction!

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Aha ha ha ha ha haaaa! That last one is so funny!
Clever kitty for trying!
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Great pics, I love the one where she is learning to read!. lol.
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Awww, very cute, I really enjoy watching dogs interact with kittens.
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she could learn to read, but to write would be little difficult with such tiny paws...however..she can learn to type
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Here are today's pix. If anything here looks violent, I can assure you that the doggy was a really good boy... In fact, I think HE was the one getting beaten up pretty badly by naughty kitten Crystal!

Deccan "Peek-a-boo, I see you!!"

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I seem to be the only one still posting in this thread! No matter... Here's Crystal AGAIN!!

"Whaddya mean this is the dog's toy??"

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She's so cute. Reminds me of Blossom & Sooty 1st playing together. My 2 dogs let her get away with anything.
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Crystal and Deccan are getting along just fine =) I've got some new pix of her. She's really grown, though u can't tell from these pix.

Oops, I woke the little squirt up...

She's developed a strange habit of sucking really hard on her pawpads. I'm afraid this might cause sores...

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how adorable! you really can't give her back you HAVE to keep her.
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Ho ho ho.. I just noticed the layer of fur on my friend's couch in the pic!

To Renovia: The kitten and doggy are both at my friend's house, I go there to visit everyday Just can't stay away from that scrawny orange spitfire who keeps attacking my hands I can't keep her even though I really want to because my parents hate cats
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when can you move out? can you hypnotize them? can you persuade them?
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