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Progressively skinnier cat

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My 3 year old cat is steadily losing weight. At first I thought it was because it pained him to eat. But I have discovered that he will eat human food and wet cat food at a drop of a hat. (or the food bowl!) He doesn't seem to be enjoying the dry food that he has been eating for the last 4-5 months. Ever since I've had him, he has eaten Chefs Blend and currently Friskies Ocean Fish flavor. His spine and hip bone are very defined. Will a cat starve himself if he decides to not to eat a certain food all of a sudden?? Is there somethng else wrong here? I can't really afford a vet at the moment.

Any and all help is apprieciated!!

Thank you,
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Hi Keith,

First off I would take him to the vets and have them do a dental check on him. The dry food may be hurting his teeth if he has gingivitis or god forbid... stomitis. Once he has been cleared of medical or dental concerns, I would consider switching cat food to something more substantial, Royal Canin, Wellness, or something along that line. I recently switched all my cats to Royal Canin, they make so many different kinds, I switched to their Outdoor Blend, and I have to admit that I see a great difference in all my cats. Their coats are shinier, and they are fatter but not obese, and in better shape for the colder weather to hit.

That is what I would do if I were in your situation. Good luck with your kitty.
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Hissy - what a SHAMELESS plug for TCS's sponsor!!!

But seriously, I do have to agree on the Royal Canin diet - mine love it and are all doing very well on it. They seem much happier, moe inclined to eat regularly, and less prone to illness of any kind.

Keith - I really think you need to get to the vet. Weight loss can be masking something underlying - and the teeth issue should be the first thing your vet checks out.

Can't you stick the payments on a credit card?

Unfortunately, having kitties is a responsibility (I know, I'm currently not earning whilst setting up my business), but we owe it to them and to our conscience to make sure all is OK.
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If I bring them in to advertise, then I certainly do get to plug away about them! Besides, I really do admire their products. I have seen the changes in the kittens who are on BabyKats and now with the adults who are on the Outdoor Blend. My cats had been eating Kirkland for years but they love this Royal Canin and the improvements I see are well worth the added cost to get it- not to mention the 2 hour drive to Eugene and back.
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