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Would You Like to Go on Holiday on Your Own

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My brothers x-wife who is now remarried goes on holiday about 3 times a year on her own. Her husband doesnt get the same holiday entitlement as her. She says she enjoys it, and she likes the peace and quiet

I am not scared of going on holiday on my own, but I'd rather be with someone, whether that be my DH or friends
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I could never do that...I go away without my DH but I go to see family so I am not alone More power to her, I can't even go eat alone
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Yeah, I go do visits with family without J, but I couldn't do a holiday without him.
What fun is there in new experiences if you've got no one to share it with?
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I like to go alone - I always meet new people wherever I go, and some of them have become friends. I also go with friends or my daughter, but I have no problem either way. It is better than going with someone whose tastes you don't share, and who just wants to laze on the beach while you want to go sightseeing or scuba diving or vice versa.
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do you mean vacation? ya sure I would go alone, dpends on where though. But I would prefer to go with someone
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Oh heck I won't even go out to eat alone. I will go shopping alone or to any store, but I feel funny sitting in a diner or even worse a restaurant alone. If I have to eat alone, I just go to a fast food place. I have seen people eating alone in diner's and feel sorry for them, it just makes them look so lonely....so my answer to traveling alone is a definite NO
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I have travelled on my own but I was on my way to my sisters so that doesn`t really count, does it?
It was exciting though! She lives on Orkney and I live in the south east of england. I`ve been up about 5 times now. If you fly its quick but you have to get a connecting flight. The first time I went it took 2 days and it was by train, 2 coaches, two ferries and car! Quite the little adventure!
I would be happy to go there alone but I`d be too scared to go to a non-english country alone.
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
I could never do that...I go away without my DH but I go to see family so I am not alone More power to her, I can't even go eat alone
I wish I could! But I can't, I cry when I see people eating alone!
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I would rather have someone there to share it with
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I have taken extra time off during business trips to venture out and explore a place I've never been before.

For example, because of a Phoenix trade show, I had the opportunity to spend an overnight in the Mesa Verde area and went to Sedona, took a Pink Jeep tour and visited a 900 year old Native American settlement that was at the foor of a Butte, witnessed the briliant sunset reflecting off of the orange buttes and I was awed by the entire experience.

I did this all by myself, and it was a memory I'll cherish forever.
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It would depend on the vacation for me. There are some things I want to do that may be difficult for me to find a partner to go with me for various reasons. Eg, can't get the time off work, can't afford it, not athletic, not interesting to them.
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I love travelling alone - do it for work all the time! But for vacations, DH and I have never taken separate vacations! Right now, I'd like to until they get my kitchen done!
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It's only bad if you get sick.
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Way back in 1999 I went to England for two weeks on a Gardening trip w/o Neil. In fact I didn't really know anyone on the trip when it started. We all had the love of gardening however and it was a great time. In 2002 I did it again-another gardening trip to England and Europe-no Neil either!! Another good time. I have visited my sister w/o Neil coming along too. I don't mind vacation on my own!!
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I am also one who hates to be alone. I would much rather share the experience of a vacation with someone. If its something DH doesn't like, then I'd find a friend to go with me. But I always find things must more fufilling if you're doing them with someone else.
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I would never travel with out my husband, family or a large group of friends. the idea is unappealing to me *meh*. I have much more fun with a large group of people.
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Would I go on vacation alone?

Yes, I would
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I travelled around Europe semi alone (we left (4 friends and I) together but had decided previously that we would do the first week together and the last two weeks separately as were arguing over where to go), as much as I love my friends, those two weeks were great for me.

But now, I think I probably wouldn't go without Matt unless it was to visit family or a work thing
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OOOO YA, I would love to go on vacation alone..I would love to go to the ocean, or the mountains and enjoy the peace...I love going to the movies alone, but I like to eat out with other people..that is lonely for me..
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Jaffacake - the Orkneys is one of my favourite places in the world! I would love to go back there someday.

I've travelled around the world alone. These days, I can't imagine doing that again. Well, I can, but I think it would suck. I would much rather travel with my husband than take a vacation without him. It's so much better when you have someone to share everything with.
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Best way to travel!!! You meet new people, make friends, go at your own pace, no worries about another person slowing you down, going anywhere you like!!!
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YES! I love doing things on my own. Maybe it is because I come from a large, poor family. Growing up, we were pretty much crowded together - there wasn't much "me" time. Now, I take myself out (when I can afford it to restaurants, movies, shopping), love solitary road trips - nothing like hitting the open road with only a vague idea of where I'll end up - going out into the forest, the coast and so on. Never traveled outside the USA, but would love to.

For a long time, I thought I was supposed to have someone with me. I discovered being with the wrong person just to have company is so much lonlier than being alone ever could be. When I am alone, I am only lonely once in awhile. Oh, and I detest crowds. Guess I'm a weirdo

LOL I almost said I sleep alone, but Seb is with me Can't be the crazy old cat lady I am practicing to be if I have a bunch of people around, now can I?
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yep, i have gone alone before. If there is some place or something i want to see. If no one wants to go with me. no problem at all with going alone.
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When I was still on my own, I went on road trips by myself all the time, and really enjoyed it. I took myself out to dinner or to movies on my own, too, and enjoyed those activities. But now, vacations are when Rob and I can spend some significant time together and I'm really not interested in separate ones, thanks. We make a point of scheduling our vacations at the same time.
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I'd rather have someone to share it with, but I've also taken extra time off after a business trip alone. If I'm someplace interesting and I know it's unlikely I'll ever get back there, I'd rather spend some time exploring alone than not exploring at all. You actually get a whole different experience when you're alone...you meet new people, do more talking with the "locals", and generally end up learning a whole lot more.
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I would love to travel alone! I am by nature a very solitary person, and do not have an SO anyway so traveling alone looks like the way it will be
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I enjoy almost all of my travelling, whether alone, or with company, or the best part - a healthy mix!! My fave out of state journeys give me some alone time (my hubby likes to go golfing and shopping with his family and I was born without the "shopping gene" except for home improvement centers and bookstores) so that I can visit local shelters and, like some one else here said, be a crazy cat lady
and meet other "crazy" cat people (IMO, translates to "intelligent, caring, creative individuals who are also courageous and unselfish, and called "crazy" by those who realize the lack of those same fine qualities in themselves)
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Well I've been on holiday by myself and really enjoyed it because of the total freedom to do exactly what I want, when I want and how I want. I didn't have to worry about making sure the other person was having a good time or feeling bad if I thought they weren't. The real downside is not having anyone there to share the amazing times with and that I do tend to get lonely.

I guess my final answer is I'd prefer to go with someone, but it would have to be someone I get along with very well and who is willing to split up occasionally if our interests for the day are different. I just want the best of both worlds, you see.
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Originally Posted by pushylady View Post
Jaffacake - the Orkneys is one of my favourite places in the world! I would love to go back there someday.
Isn`t is beautiful?! I`m so jealous of my sister but I dont think I could cope with the winters they get
Heres some pics from January for you

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I'm a chicken! I could never go someplace like another country or city that I've never been to before and am not familiar with, by myself.

I have a terrible fear of getting lost. At 45 that's really stupid because I could always stop and ask for directions, but getting lost in a strange city causes me to panic just thinking about it.
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