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Ladies...need jewelry info/advice...

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So me and my g/f are looking at engagement rings. Just looking, not planning on buying. She finds a few that she likes but I want her to have something a little nicer so I say "Find what you like, we'll go from there." She really likes the 3 stone round (princess cut maybe??) and square cut on a platinum band. Diamonds are SI quality and something else about them was H (maybe the color?). It is a 1.5 caret ring. Price is $4500.

Here is the catch. The sales associate thought the ring we're looking at is of different quality and is priced at $2999.00 As it turns out, until next week I have the opportunity to pick up the ring at $2999.00. I priced similar rings at competitors and the ran at approximatley the marked price range ($4500).

This is what one of the rings looks like

Tho other is the round cut and has a lot more shine too it. Does it sound like a good deal?
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The price is a direct reflection on the quality of the diamond as well as the size. You may pay 2999.00 for one ring and then see the same ring for 6000.00 because its the more expensive "clarity".

Don't forget, the $$ value isn't what is important. Its the significance of the ring, symbolizing your love for your future wife. Just keep that in the back of your head.

By the way, just to give you an idea on prices. My ring was $6500: its a 1 karat solataire diamond w/ 2 bands, one solid gold, one with small diamonds. I'll try to take a pic and post it so you can get a comparison idea.
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The stones in the ring that you posted are princess-cut. Round or brilliant-cuts have more sparkle.

Does it HAVE to be diamonds? Prior to the 1940s, most engagement rings were colored stones. After WWII, DeBeers created the "Diamonds are Forever" slogan, to convince people that if a man won't spring for a diamond, he doesn't really love her.

Once again, colored stones are becoming popular. MY engagement ring is a 13-carat antique amethyst.

Good luck, with whatever you decide.
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If you both like it, and the price is right, go for it. It is a beautiful design.

Just remember that they are in the market to SELL, and the salespeople do get a commission on it. Most of the time the prices are negotiable to some degree, and they will usually tell you that this price is "for just this week" to get a bit of pressure on you.

My wedding ring isn't even supposed to be a wedding ring, just a ring. We were looking at the wedding sets, and found a few we liked. I always wanted a marquis cut stone, so that was my main criteria. We were wandering around the store and I came to the "discontinued" case and found my ring. It had a bigger stone than any of the wedding sets we were looking at and was exactly what I wanted, for about 1/2 the price. Of course, me being practical, this did play a role, but it was never about how big the stone, or even the quality of the stone. It's all about how much the lady likes the ring. Mine may not be the best quality diamond, but I still love it.
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I've been told that you get a much better deal when you go to a jewelry broker, not those chain jewelry stores like Zales and what not. I've been told this because according to people I have talked to that have done this:

1. You get much better quality at a much better price

2. You can get a bigger size for a better price

3. You can custom create a ring

From the people I know who have done this, I happen to think this is true; especially knowing how much my ring is. My engagement ring is a 5/8 carat round solitaire and we bought it from one of those chain jewelry stores. It cost about $2,300. It's very clear, no yellow, but has a major flaw. You can actually see a grey line in the stone. We definitely over paid for this stone.

Just telling you what I've heard and experienced.
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My engagement ring is = .79 VVS1 - H in color
Princess Cut Diamond set in White Gold with 3 Baguettes on each side and one round diamond on each side!

My wedding band = Baguette + Baguette + round + round + Baguette + Baguette

(I'm not bragging - I JUST LOVE MY RING!!!)

Nick had it custom designed from a dealer.

Total set weight = 1.25

He paid $3,500 for the Engagement ring and wedding band.

Note: When buying a center stone - avoid buying a full carat (the price almost doubles!)

If you want a picture of my ring, I'll be happy to send!!!

The 4C's
The website above will give you a GREAT diamond education!!!
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Sorry... to keep "talking"

Go to your local jewlery mart...... befriend a dealer!!!!

Tell him exactly what your looking for and what you want to spend!!!


Nick and I shopped for my ring for over 6 months before we (HE) finally bought!

Please don't buy from a local "mall" store - they will rip you off!!!

(stepping off my soap box)
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Don't overlook the discounters. My last engagement ring - 1/2 carat, brilliant-cut in a Tiffany setting - came from Best. It was $899.00, in 1989. I've seen some nice ones, at WalMart, too.

My dad bought Mom a diamond wraparound wedding ring, four years ago, at Sam's Club. It has 10 Marquise-cuts (1/2 tcw). She wears it with a 1 carat solitaire and won't leave home without it. I think it was about $800.00.
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Sounds like you've been giving some great advice here. And I think all of you ladies hve some great rings! They all sound lovely! And I love the idea of having a stone other than a diamond, how awesome is that!!

Good luck w/ your ring shopping. Whatever you decide on will be perfect I am sure.
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It certainly is a lovely ring, and everyone elses sound great as well. As others have said I think it's more important aboput how you, and she , feels about the look of the ring than the carots it has.

My engagement ring is a platinum band with 6 small diamonds inset into the band itself as I don't like wearing rings with raised stones, although I love the look of them off my hand. It should have cost £900 (don't know what that is in dollars) but we managed to get it for £700. It was the 1st ring we saw and just kept going back to it, I guess I should go with my first instict.

Good luck on finding the perfect choice Jason

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Thanks for all the input!
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My hubby and I picked out my ring from Wal Mart. I love it.
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My engagement ring did have a very small diamond, but what mattered most to me was the fact that the ring itself was black hills gold, in a rose/leaf pattern with antiquing. The best part was it was matched with a wedding ring, with the two rings fitting together to make the diamond into a beautiful rose. There was also a matching man's wedding ring, and we got them all for about $1000
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My engagement ring is a marquis cut diamond over a row of princess cut diamonds in a channel setting. It was only $1700.00. I love the ring and the cut and clarity are exceptional.
I think the ring you posted is really georgous also. I hope you find what you are looking for, and remember, it's not the price, it's the thought that goes into it. maybe you can take her with you and see which one she looks at or tries on, that might give you an indication of what she wants and likes.
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