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Question about Evo in older cat.

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We have an older cat named Tom, he is 14 years old, was weighed in at almost 21lbs by our vet, hes going again on ther 20th. He has banign fatty tumors that got looked at during our last vet visit. his teeth were dirty and badly needed cleaning but at $300 for a tooth cleaning I told them I'd do it myself. Vet says the tumors are diet related and will never go away now. Teeth and weight are getting better.

In the past all he ate was whatever brand in the greocey store was cheapest. That was until I aquired Bindi and came on here to learn and euducate myself better. Both cats get dry Innova evo and wet, Plus Raw chicken and turkey Natures varity from time to time. I've noticed Tom sems to be drinking more water then useal and there seems to be more urine in the litterbox.

I will talk to my vet about this, but I have a question for you guys. If he does have kiddey issues is innova evo a good food to be feeding? How much does it cost to keep a cat alive if he has kiddey issues? Do you think its fair on Tom, he's fourteen years old and has tumors already. Plus I live on a limited budget from social sacuerity and a dollar an hour job at neighborhood house payed for by the saint Paul Pubic School system.
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EVO is NOT FOR KINDEY cats in the dry form.... The wet should be fine...

My vet recommends EVO for most issues if you are feeding dry but CRF is ONE she says NO WAY ..
I feed my Kandie ( who has CRF and is 18.5 yr ) raw and canned .... her numbers are stable 3.5-4 yrs after diagnoisis .... she runs about 100 -200 a month to feed , vet , litter .... lucky for me she is my "sister" and mom pays about 75% of her bills... I am thinking no more fur kids till she goes over the bridge....
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Thank you, I will do a senior screen to see if Tom had kiddey issues( if thats how they test it) seems okay now, but will see what vet says about kiddeys. Hopefully Innova evo wont be an issue as then I'll have trouble making sure both cats eat whats needed.
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