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A breed specific question

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Hi all,

I am not a breeder but I have a question about a kitten I just got. His name is Osbourne and he is a Persian. His mother died durning a c-section delivery so he was bottle raised. I've had my share of bottle babies but is there anything I should be aware of regarding this specific breed? I have pictures of the mom taken before her passing and I have a picture of the dad as well. The mom had a flat face (with messy eyes) and the dad has more of a doll face. I couldn't pass on this poor boy without a mommy. He is about 6 wks, maybe a little younger as his eyes are still blue (dad is blue eyed though).

I read a thread about pkd. Should I have him tested?

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I would and I am not a breeder ...
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Yes, do have him tested please. Better you know than not know.
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It's something I didn't even think of when I said "yes". I am just such a sucker for a fur baby. Well, I guess I had better do some reading up.
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if you dont know his pkd status, yes you should have him tested. you can get the swab dna kit from uc davis for $40 and he can be swabbed at 10 weeks. its good to know. so you can nip some of the stuff in the bud, if he is..pkd pos.

other things to look for, daily grooming of course to keephim from matting, unless you shave him

i highly reccomend eye envy, for keeping his eyes clean and since hes such a light little fellow it will keep from staining. tear stains are just something that happens with persians.

what a cutie!
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Awww he's so cute. Nice soft cream color. I agree, just test him for peace of mind. Since he's a cream, he eye color will turn to gold within a month or two. I'd get him neutered around 3 months old.
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