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brushing cat teeth

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I got the finger thing and the toothpaste. Does anyone actually do this? How?
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I have been trying to. So far I can brush their fangs but I can't get in their mouth. I usually have them follow to the bathroom and sit them on the sink or toilet & press against them. Still not sure how much paste to use?
I am assuming they can eat it since the box said eat, brush, rinse on it.
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I've got a dental kit but so far haven't used it, would be interested in hearing tips from others! I can't see it being a raving success - at first, anyway.

Freddie and Ripley have some plaque already and are only 1, so I think I'd better start brushing (also - how often?) Oriental's teeth aren't the best apparently, and I don't want them to have dental problems later in life.
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Have your vet show you. I brush Bruce's teeth 3 times a week. I corner him in the bathroom and put him in between me and the door. With one hand, I pull up on his "lips" until he's kind of forced to open his mouth. I used to use the finger thing, but it's too big for their small mouths, so the brush is better. You just do as much as you can, and then let them trot away. The paste will do the rest. It's good if you do it often. I wish I would have, because he has gingivitis now, but that's mostly because of not really being card for before he was mine.
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I've been wondering this as well. I've got the toothbrush and paste, but haven't worked up the nerve to try them yet. So the paste by itself will work, without necessarily having to do a lot of brushing? That would be convenient for me, because I have 2 older kitties who I can just imagine will not appreciate me sticking a toothbrush in their mouths!
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I use Logic for mine because you don't have to brush.
I am really pleased with the results.
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Originally Posted by Anakat View Post
I use Logic for mine because you don't have to brush.
I am really pleased with the results.
Do you know the difference between what you have & this ?

Both say Enzymatic Toothpaste.
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Well I don't use the paste, just brushing. I recently bought a little wire brush designed for humans, but it fits perfectly into a cat's mouth. Like Bruce said, you've got to corner them and pull back the lip in order to reach all the teeth.
Wish I'd been more vigilant because Pushy's teeth are getting quite bad.
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I've been thinking that I need to start brushing their teeth, I've been chicken.

So you just try to spread the paste as best you can on their teeth and that's it? No actually scrubbing?
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I definitely agee that a small brush is much better than the finger thingy. The finger is much too big for their poor little mouths.
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[quote][I definitely agee that a small brush is much better than the finger thingy/QUOTE]

are you saying something like a child size, soft bristle, toothbrush?
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Here are all the different brushes I've used, with my toothbrush for size reference -

This is the little one I just bought -

I'm finding it very functional. It has a longer white handle you can take off, and the bristles are softer than they look, so they won't damage the gums.
My vet said that the paste wasn't so important as the brushing.
She also said that tartar control stuff you can buy to put into their water is a waste of money.
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