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Hi bengal and I are new here

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hello cat people.

Happy st p day.

By the way google "evil cat" very funny photos and a detailed analysis from some religeous weirdo who believes cats are not christian and here to serve...the Devil!!!
Anyway if you have a sense of humour check it out
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hello and a warm welcome to you Its great here, theres always lots to do and see, it can soon become a bit of an addiction

So do tell us some more about any pets you might have, especially if they are kitties Glad you dropped in to join us

Enjoy the forums !!

EDIT: oh, just seen in one of your other threads that you have Bengals - well do tell us more and hopefully, please post some photos we just love photos here !
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Welcome to TCS!
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and Welcome to you and your little fur family.

We all hope we'll see more of you.

Enjoy your stay.

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Welcome to TCS If you have any questions about the site, please click on my user name and ask away! I will do my best to find an answer for you.
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Hi and welcome to TCS!
Yep, there's a thread in IMO about the whole "cats are evil" thing. Some people have so little going on in their lives that they come up with that!
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Hi and welcome to TCS
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I know.we went out for st pats today and so discussed this is pathetic.lack of lives.Get blow up dolls, not for the obvious,but maybe these people can practice conversation on them or have a doll dinner.Harsh maybe but ridiculous,condemning animals for what?I said amongst my friends today.I could take any animal and condemn it eg.sheep are the child of devil because thir fur is curly.c'mon get a life...

kittens are asleep.Mother cat has secret language she talks to them in,so cute!!
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by the way not getting in the way of my righteousness,Hello to all and thank you for the welcome.Yes 1 bengal,1 half,4kittens to bengal and a baby on its way 13 weeks from now.Wanted to post earlier,but the bengals stopped me on account hey believe that they will spawn terminator 2 robot cats that will eventually take over world.(see other post)not kidding.These cats are not human(well not cats)I think like Mindy and Mork!!??
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Hi & welcome to TCS!
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Welcome chromodactyl

to TheCatSite -- love your screen name but DO YOU HAVE CATS IN YOUR LIFE? We'd love to hear about them and see their photos...

Not Christian here, and neither are The Nine; but none of us serve anyone bad, I guarantee you that!
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