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Lost Wallet

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I met my sister to go shopping. Had my wallet in my front packet. Halfway through the store I realized the wallet was gone. This was about 2 hours ago and it still hasn't shown at the store.
I am lost. Everything was in there. Have cancelled my one card. Now have to get new driver's license - I am not sure where my birth certificate is. The only current photo of a nephew I see every few years is gone. My student ID, even my social security card - had that because I needed it last week. I am sure there are other things in there, but can't think of them now. I was paid today, so all the cash is gone as well. Bus pass for the rest of the month is gone.
I just don't know what happened to it. I didn't bump into anyone. No one suspicious looking around me - well, none more so than usual.
Just feel lost.
Thanks for listening.
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Oh no, thats horrible! I'm sending MANY MANY vibes and prayers that it shows up very soon!!
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Oh no!! Thats awful I sure hope it comes up found.
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Oh goodness what a bummer. I never lost my wallet but I did have my purse stolen once. At the time I had no credit/debit card but I lost my drivers license and some other personal stuff. I lost some baby pictures of my children that I can never get back. For that very reason I have never carried pics of them since.

I know how frightening it can be.

The only advice I can give is to take one thing at a time. If you can't find your birth certificate you can get a copy pretty easy now a days. Even if you don't live in the same state, most cities have a website and you can order them online since they are a matter of public record. If they don't offer it over the web than you can call and send them a money order and postage paid envelope and they can snail mail it to you.

Good Luck!
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Thats horrable. Its happened to me to. One thing you will want to do FIRST thing, get an official copy of your credit report. ALL your info is out there now. In todays day and age you will need to protect yourself. If any thing suppicious showed up you would know it immidiatly and be able to prove it was not you who did it.
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That's terrible! Check back with the store again today, and if you were at a mall, check to see if it was turned in at their main office. I hope you find your wallet.
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OH NO!!! That is the worst, I am so sorry that you lost your wallet. What a huge scary major pain in the butt.

I am sending some vibes that somehow you will find it maybe in your car?? Maybe it fell out of your purse and under the seat of something?
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Here's where you can report the loss of your Social Security card, which may be helpful in preventing anyone from using it to steal your identity...

Good luck!
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Sending many {find your wallet soon} VIBES
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I feel for you, I've lost my wallet lots of times. why last year at the golf corse where I was working I left it in the snack lounge upstairs and while riding in a pca's car I discvered I had lost it!!! I went back and ran around the golf corse until breathless and then went back to the building, a nice man returned it to me, and my pca did a wonderful thing by not telling my dad it was lost. Most of the time I leave it in my pants or I leave in in people cars, but that time was the scariest one of all.

I have sense gotten a chain wallet I can hook to my pants when I need it, I gentually keep it in my drawer whern not using it, see if that helps.
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I called the store again this morning - they had the wallet! When I picked it up, EVERYTHING was there; photo, money, mastercard, SS car, license, student ID, bus pass, everything. I am in shock. I like to believe this world has some amazing people and this just confirms it. Now that it is safely home, my SS card and the photo is put away.
Thanks all of you - your good thoughts really worked!
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Pather Pride, I'm so glad he didn't tell your dad. It happens to people all the time but it is scary to know someone else has your identity. I know now I will keep much better track of mine from now on. Thank you
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Congrats on finding your wallet with everything intact. I'd run that credit report JIC if I were you because someone can still take your identity and then you'd be in a world of trouble.
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Originally Posted by jugen View Post
Congrats on finding your wallet with everything intact. I'd run that credit report JIC if I were you because someone can still take your identity and then you'd be in a world of trouble.
Thank you and Karma's mom for suggesting this. I will have it run at work on Monday (tis part of what we do). I also checked out the SS site so will know to do that in the future as well. From all the suggestions here, I will be able to help if I ever hear of this happening to someone else. I am just so relieved. Whew!
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