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Hello on this fine night

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I am still trying to relax after coming in from work but my dogs are all barking now and they act like there are coyotes near the property so I will be awake for a while waiting on them to shut up. But that's okay I am still trying to settle down. I had a long day at work. When I came in Tavia was waiting on me. I sat in front of the computer so I could turn it on and she began meowing and pacing for her food. I tell her all the time that she is so spoiled. She then meowed for her treats and I brushed her while she ate. And in the morning its her day to have the whole litter box changed. Not much else going other than my dad wants me to make fried chicken tomorrow. So I guess I will be cooking tomorrow. Oh well I have been wanting to make it for a while anyway. Going to try and get my flower boxes made up tomorrow. I hope I hope. I can't wait for spring to officially get her. Gotta also figure out what kind of plant I want to get for my room which is a fairly dark room. I just need some kind of plant in here. Well that's enough about me. Hope everyone else is having a good night. Love and Hug,s Gail and love and headbuts from Tavia
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Hope you got some sleep in the end!
Back on my FIL's farm we could hear coyotes howling at night sometimes. I used to love hearing them. And seeing all the fireflies at night. It's wonderful to experience so much wildlife on a regular basis when you live out in the country.
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