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Bruce won't eat!

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I don't know why, but my huge 17lb cat won't eat. I brush his teeth about 2-3 times a week so no bleeding gums, but I don't know why he won't eat. He won't eat his dry food, so I bought another kind. He didn't eat it. So I bought canned food. He vomited it, along with like, 3 feet of yarn. After that, I thought he would eat, but to no avail. He still drinks alot and he drinks the gravy from this fancy, expensive wet food, but he won't touch the chunks of chicken. I even tried to wet the dry food with chicken broth ( organic, even!) and nothing.
It seems like he wants to eat, he beats me to the kitchen everytime, but when I put out his food, nothing. He also cries all of the time. The people at the vet were no help on the phone, suggesting maybe it's his teeth, which I doubt and I'll be going in Sunday, but I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced the same thing.
Bruce's mom
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You need to get to the VET ASAP ....

When was his last senior panel ??? any existing conditions( kidneys diabetes )

Do you have an er clinic ??? This could be a emergency
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He vomited *3 feet of yarn*!?! That's frightening - there may be more of that which hasn't been vomited up, possibly other things as well.

Did you tell the vet about all that yarn? Foreign objects like yarn can cause blockages as well as damage to the intestines, which can be life-threatening.

If he were my cat I would not wait until Sunday to see the vet.
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Yes, I agree...I would go to an ER vet now.

My first suspicion is that there is more yarn still inside of Bruce. That is an emergency.
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I'm sorry but what kind of vet would do that? Take your cat to another vet as soon as possible. And I would try to "cat proof" your home as much as possible. As you know they get into anything and everything. I hope they can figure out what is wrong with your Bruce.
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maybe he has a temperature? that's why my girl wasn't eating, she had an infection. Easily treated at the vets, ask them to check if he's constipated, they should be able to feel if there's a blockage in his tummy. Good luck at the vets. xxx
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