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St Pattys Day

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Happy St Patricks day to you all!!! Got any special plans this night, or weekend?

I think DH and I are going to go to dinner and go have some drinks afterwards.
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I was supposed to go out with friends that i really havent hung out with in a long time, but I am not sure at all I do know I am going down town tomarrow tho but not to celebrate st pattys day tho but to help my brother at work aint i such a nice sister, i swear im not going to answer the phone any more I am gonna call my one friend tomarrow and see what shes doing maybe ! I just learned on christmas that I have a tiny bit of irish in me when i thought i was just italian and slovackian...what a surprise that was..i also have an even tinier amount of english and polish in me, but a plus im more italian than what i though So I guess i should do something for st pattys day


Happy St.Patty's day everyone
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I do believe John & I are going downtown for a few drinks, and then I am going to meet up w/ my cousin and her friends
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Aye, as a family o' Scots/Irish ancestry, we'll be going to hear my brother Noel play a few sets at one of his regular venues, with a friend of his sitting in on some special Celtic material. The friend is Frank Gilligan, formerly of Mason Dixon, and my goodness he has a beautiful voice! I've heard him sing with Noel before, and he's a delight.

Also hoping to have time to bake some Irish soda bread... mmMMMmm...
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I'll probably hop from place to place but one thing is for beer and/or Guiness is definitely in my future!
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Too many idiots out - its amateur night, for drinkers. I'll just wear my green shirt to work and spend my usual Saturday night at home.
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Just going out for a meal tonight - but we are worried that the local bars are going to be a bit crazy, we do have an Irish Pub here !
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Is everyone wearingGREEN???

If not heres a *PINCH* for you!!

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I'm going to a St. Patricks Day dinner tomorrow.
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I don't think anyone really does anything special around here...Canadians are always half drunk anyway, so I guess today they will just get fully drunk plus a little more

I might be going to my cousins stag and doe tonight, but not sure yet.
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