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New to this site

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I am new to this site and relatively new to breeding. I have 3 Devon Rex: one 6 year old neutered male, Jonesie, (who has always been out pet only) and two females. One of the girls, Kallie, is a year old and pregnant. She is due any day now - our vet confirmed two kittens. The other one, Chaney, is 8 months old and going through a heat cycle. Oddley enough, Jonesie is trying to keep her "happy" while she is in heat , although he was neutered at 6 months old.

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Hello and welcome
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Welcome - I used to own and breed the Devon's cousins - Cornish rex. Don't forget we like pictures? Do you show your Devon's - what lines are they out of?
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Hello Susanne Congratulations on your future kittens! I show Somalis in CFA. I am hoping to breed sometime in the future.
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Welcome to TCS Susanne

Abyssinian breeder here and my cattery is registered with CFA.

Addicted to Showing!
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Thanks for the warm welcome. I have only had one previous litter and have not yet registered my cattery. I'll post some pictures of the babies once they are born - I hope today or tomorrow I am on planet devon and you can see pictures of my kitties there

hope this link works. I am planning on showing my kitties. My pet male is from Big Blue in Sweden; the girls are from Giggles in Alberta, Canada.

Chaney, our cameo and white girl sleeping with Jonesie, our pointed male from Big Blue in Sweden.

Kallie, our chocolate pregnant girl.
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mmmm you got a chocolate
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A chocolate Devon Rex? I think I just found my dream cat.
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LOL she has a personality to match ... very relaxed.

She was just streched out in front of the fireplace, baking her kittens, I presume when she rolled onto her back. I was looking down onto her large belly when I noticed that she is missing one nipple ... one side has 4, the other 5. Very odd?
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Its a Devon - what did you expect

They are goofy cats
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I thought that all Devon's were little curious snuggle bugs ...

When I picked up Kallie, my chocolate babe, the breeder had this little cameo and cream kitten (9 months old). I asked about her and was told that, since she was a little kitten of 8 weeks, she has wanted nothing to do with her or any other human and has been extremely antisocial.

For the next two weeks all I could think about was this little sad looking girl, left to fend with the breeders stud Devon's. I finally decided that she needed to be rescued ... I called up the breeder and asked if I could have her. She laughed and agreed to give her to me. Of course, the breeder lives an hours drive away from me. No time was to be wasted.

When I arrived at the breeders house with cannel in hand, she asked me if I was sure about taking her. Hmmmm, how bad could this little girl really be? I was soon to find out when we entered the room that housed the little girl and the stud Devon's. I'd never seen a cat this distraught or crazed ... she was basically a ferral cat. As I was leaving, the breeder suggested that I could come back anytime to return the kitten if things did not work out. Ok, I don't give up that easily.

To make a long story short, we've had little Chaney for just over 3 weeks now. Although I work full-time, I've tried to work from home as much as possible these past few weeks so that I could be around Chaney as much as possible. It has been an amazing transformation. Although she is still very aloof of my husband and our three daughters, she has wrapped our Devon boy around her little paws. She has also accepted me into her life and will purr like a chainsaw when she is in the mood for cuddles ... hence the name Chaney.
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Hi Susanne,

Welcome to TCS! Your cats are beautiful! Hope you stick around, we need some more breeders participating here.
I breed and show bengals.

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Nial - your Bengals are gorgeous!!!
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