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Hi everyone I started Ragdoll Rescue NW here in Oregon in 2003.
We are having to stop helping domestic cats in need all together now due to lack of foster homes and adoptive homes up here.
I have a houseful of wonderful domestics that need homes and now I have been contacted with an urgent request to take in 9 purebred Ragdoll cats!
I have not been able to foster more than one or two for over a year now and have had no reliable fosters in 2 years! And yet RRNW has helped get over 150 cats out of danger and into great homes!
Please pass the word to anyone you may know in the NW USA who may be able to foster or might be interested in adopting one of these great domestics or one or two of the wonderful Ragdolls needing homes here in Oregon.
You can visit our web page at for more info on adopting if you can foster please email me at
Thanks so much donations are always a huge help as well and are tax deductible!

Thanks for choosing rescue,
Ragdoll Rescue NW
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Please join my effort to spay and neuter NW cats!
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