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Let's see:

I'm artistic

I'm a trustworthy and loyal friend, and if you share something like a secret or private with me, it will STAY with me. I'll never betray you.

I am, of course, an animal lover
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I make people laugh (or so I'm told)
I'm an animal lover
I'm modest
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I am intelligent
I am a good mother
I am an animal lover!
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Okay here's my three:

1.] I'm a kind person
2.] I've always been the trustworthy friend that people trust with all thier secrets.
3.] I'm always happy, I don't let little things get to me.
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I am very loving and loyal to my friends and family (both with and without fur )
I make a sincere effort to try to find the beauty in everyone and everything
I make incredibly awesome pie
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I'm a hard worker

I have a lot of integrity

I'm good at many things
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I am a great wife
I am a great Mom
and I am a great friend.....who loves with all my heart
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Originally Posted by Tari View Post
I make incredibly awesome pie
Mmmmmmmm, pie.
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I try to be the best girlfriend I can be
I am a very caring, sensitive person(but sensitivity can be a bad thing when you cry about EVERYTHING )and that's what makes me a great meowmy
I am a great listener and a good shoulder to cry on. Which means I know the right thing to say when you need to hear it
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You's sad when it takes so long to think of 3 good things about yourself.

1) I'm patient and try to be understanding,
2) I've grown up alot in the last few years so I "think" I'm basically an adult now (oh no! not an adult!)
3) I love my husband and my animals more than anything.
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Only 3!??

1) I have a delightful sense of humor
2) I'm pretty much a "Jill-of-all-trades"
3) If I were tall, bald, and had a southern accent I could be Dr. Phil. People love to tell me their problems; I don't know why they think I'll have a solution. Maybe I'm just a good listener.
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I am good with animals

I love to make people laugh

I am good at art
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Let's see...I'm usually pretty negative, so it's good for me to say some positive things about myself!

I'm a wonderful, fantastic mommy to Sash.

I'm a very driven and motivated person, when I set my mind to something I don't take no for an answer.

I have a very kind heart.
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I try to be a good mom
I wont look like I swolled a bowling ball forever
I can do hair lol
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I am patient.

I'm good with crafts and baking.

I care about others.

Side note: This is actually something I do with my students every now and then. I have a class I do on having a positive mental attitude. I've done this and I've also had them draw names and secretly type three compliments to the person they chose. Then I read them to the whole class. That seemed to really brighten the mood in the room for a lot of people!
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if my BF had to answer he said his are
1 Good Looking
2 Great looking
3 He is hot.

Yes he thinks he is good looking he is so coincided lol
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This is really a great thread! It's so easy to be negative, but it is really uplifting to focus on the positive.

1. I'm good at organizing things.

2. I have a good work ethic.

3. I try to make a difference in the world, using the means and abilities that I have.
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This was tough to do!

I am empathetic
I am pretty good at putting others at ease
I have a green thumb

(and I am loved by an awesome cat!)
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