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Children of the leopard.

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I wote a fiction story that takes place in Africa about Leopards. In the democratic repubic of congo their livef a primitive tribe of leopard worshipers followers of Leopalara. The anscestoral leopard goddess of hunting and power. The clan warriors have traded sme of their supplies of meats skins and ivory for bushmeat, the hunting has been hard in their jungle home so they go to a white camp in the outskirts of the jungle. Little do they know a killler disease will effect them.

Ebola breaks out and all but two eighteen month old children die, dead bodies litter the camp bringing in scavengers, leopards, hyena's and lions. Before death Kaki the mother of the children prays to Leopalara that a female leopard will find and raise the children, last of the leopard people in the way of the beast and show them the joy of being a leopard so they can be saved and have someone who will take care of them. Mother leopard in time after losing her cub spotted one finds the the camp and hungry begin dragging a corpse out into the forest, she hears a noise like babies crying and then thinks of her own child. She goes into the hut and grabs the male baby in her jaws and carries him away, puts him in a tree before going to get the female. Larer on after dragging the corspe of a hunter into a tree she leaps down and nurses the two starving children from her breasts as if they were her own. She goes deep into the jungle far away from any human society and then for over 5 years raises the two children in the way of the leopard- feral.

They learn instead of talking how to hiss and snarl how to scratch and bite, they dont undersand words to them an animals tail or body posture means a language or the call of a bird. For food they eat whatever mother leopard can provide, deer, forest hog game birds, reptiles and snakes. They eat their meat raw and spend their days napping in the forks of trees, play fighting and swimming in tropical rivers as they get older they wonder more and more about who they really are and why leopard mother looks so different from them. Finely one night when they are seven years old Mother leopard has a dream about the children , she is angry that they still need her her leopard babies would have cubs of their own now had they been real leopards.

Leopalara comes in an eerie mist from the black cave of creaton in mother leopards dream. She says in leopardtalk that these are humans and need another human to love them. Mother leopars says. Why these are my children I love them, if I cannot care for them I will give them the lick of the leopard so when they grow older instead of becoming a man and a woman they become leopards and then go back to me in the jungle. Leopalara warns her that will be dangerous in a domesticated world they must grow up and out of this feral wild state and become human as they should be, but mother leopard doesnt listion to her. After some hunters come and find the children a few weeks later she calls them away. They come to her and receive the lick of the leopard.....

To be continued. Do you guys like it, it starts off dark true, but gets better with time.http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...lies/agree.gif
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I am enjoying your first chapter very much...look forward to continuing!
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Afterwords they go back to the hunters camp with the two hunters, Ted and fred, They try their best to change the wild children teach them to wear clothes and not bite hit or snarl, they are taught to eat with sliverward and napkins but are still very very wild. Before they can tame it out of them they get loose and run away into the dark jungle. Ted and Fred were drinking beer at the time so got drink when they leave, and as a result had hang overs the rest of the day giving the runaways plenty of time to escape deeper and deeeper into the forest.

Ted awakens first.

"Ow My head hurts, that was some drinking we had last night", he jabs the other hunter in the ribs and then he awakens with a loud burp. "Where are the children", "I dont know",... Now they realise they have to go out and hunt down the two children before somethiung happens to them. Without a wild beast to protect them the jungle though safe comforting and famaliar is full of danger, big snakes, poisonus snakles, cannbials, panthers and leopards. starvation, disease,and weather. On and on they wonder until they are lost, Leopard mother has never taken them this far before, and soon as darkness falls during first night of being alone with their mother they instinctively climb a fig tree as Mother leopard tought them.
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