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Puff ... Pics & Video

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You might want to just turn the sound down. Lots of background noise. Otherwise your just watching me & Puff play.

Hey Ma, this is kinda cramped. Couldn't you have sprung for the deluxe model?

Ah this is more like it. I claim this couch as my domain. All others must pay a toll of Greenies or canned food to sit here.

So, how bouts you put that flashy thing down and give me tummy rubs.

What! You don't want to put that down.. what if I squirm and act real cute.

Ah, the noble kitty. How about you call me King Puff from now on. Long live the king.

Every king needs his queen right.

And that's it for now.
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great video, and isnt he a placid kitty - Dino would just want to grab the toy and run off with it - and Puff never bothered when he was getting stroked backwards - Dino would have bitten me to pieces

for some reason the photos never loaded
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hm.. that's odd. They work ok for me. Perhaps if you go to the photobucket account they will load for you.

The ones I posted are at the beginning but all photo's I've shared online are in there.

That's what Lance was saying when he started petting him backwards. lol. He's mellow only sometimes though. He was just being cuddly at the time.
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thanks - got them - I do sometimes have problems loading photos - think it must be something at my end

Love the one of him inspecting the sewing machine
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lol. Yes he's such the helpfull gentleman. He does laundry and helps me sew. I can only imagine his "help" when I start our family quilt.
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