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RIP Bonnie, Scidget, Taz.

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These were all kitties at the rescue. All were given up in the last 2 1/2 months.

Bonnie was 9 years old.

Scidget (Skid - jet) and Taz were sisters, about 11 years old.

They were euthanized today.

People don't realize that when they give up older cats, they pretty much give up on life. People think cats don't feel, cna't love. But they do.. they love their owners and it breaks their hearts when they are given up when they are this old.
All 3 of them stopped eating, and went into renal failure. We tried giving them fluids daily, and force feeding them daily. But it only delayed the inevitable.

Rest in peace girlies. Play with the rest of the PFFL rainbow kitties, over the bridge.
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How very sad for these kitties...may they all RIP..I just don't understand how people could just give up their kitties at any age, let alone at their ages..
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oh my, that is way, way to sad

Bless you little angels, may you forgive us

RIP Sweet ones, run as fast as you can, play happily over the Bridge
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RIP little angels. Run free and healthy with all your new friends at the Rainbow Bridge.

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Those poor sweet girls. They deserved so much better than that. How can anyone give up their beloved kitty like that and sentence them to a life in a cage or a death sentence.

Rest in Peace sweet girls. If you see Alley, she can show you all the great places to nap across the bridge.
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Awww R.I.P kittys.

I know how your feeling at the moment. My Tigger had somthin up with his lil bottom. But he was healthy as ever in his other organs. Tis a shame.
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Aww!! RIP you sweet angels.

Thats just so sad they were given up at that age. Infuriates me!!
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RIP little ones.

To say cats or aniamals dont love is silly. When the vet took heyu in the back yesterday to do a blood test she screamed like someone was killing her, until she saw me again, and then she stopped.. When we open the box to get eazy checked, he ran right up my coat and was hiding behind my head, They know, who cares about them.
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I am so sorry to hear this, it is so sad when people give up on cats at that kind of age, as they do struggle to adapt - my Molly did, she was lovely in the beginning, then something 'snapped' in her little brain, and she realised she had been abandoned, so went vicious, so as much as I wanted her, trying to do anything with her was too stressful on everybody. Then, 8 months later she got depressed and stopped eating,luckily I convinced them to let me take her then, 15 months later, she is a happy healthy cat, but I know that it isn't the case for all the oldies that come into a rescue situation through no fault of their own, and I wish I could help more of them. RIP babies, at least someone cared enough to try and get you not to give up on life, and show you love and care.
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That's incredibly sad, as their deaths were completely unnecessary. RIP, sweeties. Your passing hasn't gone unnoticed or unmourned.
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Oh, how heartbreaking! Those poor kitties - I have never understood how someone could do that! I remember when someone told me they were thinking of giving up their cat because they didn't have the time for it - well, did they ever say that to the wrong person! I told them very succinctly that it would be like giving away a child and never explaining to the child what it had done wrong, how would they like it if someone did that to them, and so on. They got quite an earful, and changed their mind immediately!

Rest peacefully, sweeties, and play happily over the bridge where all the other kitties there are waiting to welcome you and love you!
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Originally Posted by catsRNmom View Post
How very sad for these kitties...may they all RIP..I just don't understand how people could just give up their kitties at any age, let alone at their ages..
me either!
play happily over the bridge, sweet ones! Look for Mouse - she's not much younger than you, she was 7... she's been there a couple of years, so she can show you around
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Oh how sad I don't understand this for a second ... RIP Sweet babies
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Thank you everyone.

I think it was the cat food that made them sick now that I think about it. Bonnie was fed one of the brands of the recalled foods, we didn't know they were recalled at the time.

And the people who surrendered Taz and Scidget said they fed them the Nutro pouches...
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I am in tears having read about these poor three lovely cats! Their sad tale has really got into my heart.

I think I'm so upset because I feel guilty. We pick up our pedigree kittens in three weeks time. My husband really wanted them, and having previously had rescued moggies he wanted this 'treat'. I have had twinges of guilt ever since we decided to get them, but never more than now. We could have adopted two older cats that really needed us!

At least I am confident that we will give our cats loving, forever homes.

May they all three be happier over the bridge.
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R.I.P. sweet babies. Enjoy life over the bridge knowing that there are people (like me) who love all cats even if they never knew you.

At our shelter whenever we end up with cats like this I always feel like I'm cleaning up someone else's mess. They don't have what it takes to do the right thing, so it's easier to drop them at a shelter & then in their head their cat ended up in a happy home, no matter what the truth ends up being. Those of us at shelters are the one's that have to live with the horrible truth. I know first hand how difficult it is for some animals to adjust, even more so for older animals. It sounds as though all that could be done for them, was done.
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