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ok yes I read closely LOL. and I dont want to scare you but my Skittles had 13 and she was big at 2 weeks. not real big but a noticable back end LOL. I think it is possable Honey was between 5-7 days when ya brought her in. My vet said a cat can go to 71 days. SO it is possable. She is big so she must me I feel close to deleivery. She has been inside 57 days so I would figure 10 more days which I do truly doubt, but add that in there before getting really alarmed. Some cats I do notive when they go in to heat it is like they swell up. Has anyone else noticed that. Maybe that what she did. ok ok I am a person who beleives anything is possable.
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She was a tiny thing when she showed up I thought she was just a kitten herself. Janurary she started puffing up and I thought "Boy, look at the winter coat on that child!" I never noticed any heat behavior. Then I felt her...she was tight round the midsection, so I wormed her a series of two wormings. She continued to grow. You all saw the pictures...she looks like she swallowed a football! There's a pic floating around of just how small she was this fall so I don't think she's ever had a litter before.

I feel no movement and never have. I wrap my hands around her daily to see if I feel something. The tightness doesn't seem as prominent, but she still does have a round midsection. My DH says they're just lining up like soldiers to be delivered is all!

She has these soft pockets of fat just in front of her legs (low waist?) I mistook them for babies but they are too soft. They fold over when she sits down...pregnancy weight?

I just made a vet appt. for 4:15 to settle this once and for all....
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She could of had worms yes and as for the coat that is also a yes. once she camee inside there was no need for all the fur and you took out the worms all make a cat look bulky,

As for the heat she doesnt have to be in heat to get pregnant so she could of gotten pregnant and you never new it. She would have no signs you would of had to see her getting some. hmmm sorry I put it that way but no clue how else lol
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LOL! I understand.
I had a cat go into heat once and it was the most annoying whining and constant meowing you'd ever want to hear. Agonizing! My neutered male Kirby tried to accomodate her but it was clear he had the *idea* but didn't know what he was doing! I'm surprised he even tried, Poor guy. She was spayed a few days later btw.

I just don't know what to think, Yep, she could have shed some fur and is showing her figure better, yet she seems so much softer today! So I know me..rather than spin my mind out of control in wonder , we'll have the vet see her again. I need a confirmation. (by the same vet who's guess was way wrong..lol) I'll ask for an x-ray if there's any question this time.
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I cannot wait to find out.. Today is thje Appt? let us know
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Diagnosis: FAT She's gained 2lbs in 1 month. The Dr. says she's just one of those that needs a strict diet. She didn't mention false pregnancy. I have mixed emotions. She gets spayed on Thursday.
Sorry everyone...
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Awww i'm sorry she is not having babys but it's also good for obvious reasons.. well she will prob gain more weight now because of spaying.. woo i liked to see how chunky she gets hahaha.
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so no babies for huney well in a way that is good. No little mouths to feed and raise she can live a fat cat
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aw im sorry , but again in a way it is a good thing , but must still be a bit upsetting for you , you have been waiting for kittens for weeks and now nothing. it happens , a blessing in disguies
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