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Young Cat with broken pelvis

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Tomorrow I will begin to foster a young female kitty with a borken pelvis. I understand from the SPCA that she needs to be confined for about a month. They feel she will get a lot more attention here, instead of in one of their back rooms.

Ady advise on her care would be appreciated.

I have a kitty condo and it is all set up. I plan on removing the shelves, so she does not try to jump up.

Thank you!
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Sorry, no real advise other than to thank you for fostering her. I am sure she will know you love her!

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Here is some information about Injuries Of The Pelvis. Just so everyone can see what it's all about. Then we can all give advice!

Pelvic injury due to car trauma is extremely common in our dogs and cats. Fractures of the bones of the pelvis and/or dislocation of the pelvis from the spine are the most common injuries. Damage may occur to the organs in or near the pelvis, and bleeding can be very serious. Veterinary attention is recommended.


Inability to stand or great difficulty when rising, then standing on only one hind leg.

Your pet may appear in pain.

Swelling over the pelvis. Bruising in the groin.

Urinary or faecal incontinence.


Floppy tail, particularly in cats.

Allow your pet to find itself a comfortable position. They tend to sit with the injured side lowest. Try to get them to sit in a box or a basket to make it easier to transport them.

Keep your pet warm and dry. Towels can be used to catch urine. Warm hot water bottles may help if your animal appears cold.

Treat for shock if necessary.

Transport to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Take note if your pet has passed urine or faeces and remember to tell your veterinarian.

Information From:
Pet Alert

P.S You are a very good person for taking the sweetheart in. She will need lots of love and your the perfect person to give it to her!
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How did the kittens fare? I never heard back from you? I sure hope you were able to save some of them.

You are taking on a lot by accepting this responsibility. I had a feral with a broken pelvis once. You want to confine the cat in as small a space as possible so as not to encourage movement. If you can buy an inflatable donut the kind that people use to sit on when they are injured, cover it with several pillowcases and a soft towel the kitty will be more comfortable. Also, if you put something in the cage that kitty can lean on when it is lying down, that will help as well.

To exercise the kitty, take a soft towel and fold it long ways and use it to support the kitty if the kitty has to move. It depends on the vet's instructions. The towel works like a sling. Also a box of disposable diapers is helpful. Put one on top of the bed the kitty is in to catch the urine. Push liquids- pedialyte is a good thing to mix with the wet cat food.
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We are home! Buttons (her new name) is resting in the condo. I bought a soft fleece animal bed and it has sides. It is very soft and Buttons is now resting comfortably in it. I understand that she can stand and the shelter provided me with a low sided litter box for her use. Buttons is a dark tri color - almost tortie I would call her. Very sweet - never made a peep in the car the whole way home!
The poor thing is so confused. She is having quiet time right now!
Thank you for your help in this. I will keep you posted about her progress.
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Well my baby is still as sweet as ever, but the elimation issues are becoming bad. Buttons will go the the box (about 3 steps for her)for her urine, but she appears to have trouble eliminating feces. She lays there and lets it ooze out on her beddding. I do not mind the mess, don't get me wrong - but her tail and anus are encrusted with feces, and she will spit and growl if I even attempt to clean it for her.
I change her bedding at least 3 times a day but it is VERY difficult adjusting her so that the towels are under her. The bedding itself is very soft with sides for her.
Any input? I could really use some guidence on moving her and the fecal issue.
(sorry if this post was a little graphic)
***we still love our little stinky girl***
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