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I need tips and encouragement for getting pregnant

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My husband and I have been married almost a year. We do not use birth control of any kind. I really want to get pregnant and it hasn't happened yet. I have an irregular period so it is hard to calculate when it is that I am ovulating. Sometimes for a few months in a row my period will be pretty regular and then all of a sudden it will be way off! We will be married a year in April so it isn't like we've been trying for a really long time. We want to start a family. It's so disapointing every month to wait to see if I am pregnant then get my period! I need some tips and encouragement please!!
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Looking on line might help..Places like WebMD are good.
Also maybe seeing a fertility specialist if you have the financial means..I know i dont and I wouldnt expect people to either. Sometimes finding a buddie on line whos been through it can help open you up to more resources.
There are the old wives tales you could try standing on your head afterwards..stuff like that
A year might seem like a long time but dont feel bad or give up hope. Sometimes all you need is just the right moment!
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There are lots of conceiving forums out there..Not sure of the names, but I know 2 women in my office are on them alot.

I think one is called baby talk zone or something like that.

There would be lots of tips on there and helpful advice from members

Good luck!
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Well, I'm not a mom nor married, though I appreciate your longing for a child, and admire your relationship with your husband. I would think if you have been trying yet unsuccessful , a doctors opinion is much more substantial at this point. Let me add that I am transmitting positive vibes your way, I long to have the nurturing relationship for a family.......
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I've PM'd you and I also agree with the above post
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First off see if dh can get tested. Yes I know, it's a kind of delicate subject, but if it's a problem with his "swimmers" that's easily fixed.

Getting your hormones checked isn't a bad idea either. If you talk to your regular gyn he/she should be able to do that. I started with mine.

I had a hard time getting pregnant too, both times. I wish I'd gotten tested earlier (maybe I shouldn't have b/c it opened up a huge bag of worms). I found out I had endometriosis, then found out I have PCOS, that's why I didn't ovulate.

email me if you want more information.
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Doctors will not get involved unless you've been trying for year without success *6 mos if you are over 35.* Go ahead and make an appt, and get started on that route.

Fertility treatments are grueling and brutal. I did it successfully 10 years ago but it took a long time and lots of money. It can put a strain on some couples' marriages as well, so be sure both you and your dh are "on the same page" before beginning the next step.

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Do you track your ovulation? If you are not doing that, you should. I know they sell ovulation tracker kits in stores. I've seen them. I think it has something to do with monitoring your basal temperature.
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If you have irregular periods, try tracking your ovulation by checking your cervical mucus (sorry for any guys reading that might be put off).
Here's a site with some great tips, some of my friends that were trying used the site as a beginer's manual
Natural Fertility Signs

My best advice is don't stress over it, it'll reduce your chances
Good luck.
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I know my answer probably will not be what you want to hear, but....

You've only been married a year - you really should not rush to start a family. You should both be getting to know each other now, just the 2 of you and build a very strong relationship before you tackle the road of raising a child.

IMO a newly married couple who has a baby right away, kinda robs themselves of getting to know each other and enjoying each other. If you have one now, it will be 18 yrs before you are alone with him again.

What is the rush?
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Don't you know that children are competition for the cats and not to be allowed under any circumstances?

Good thoughts coming your way...!
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Do you ever get any pain in your lower sides right below your hip bones, before your period like 2 weeks before? I know that your period is irregular but a lot of us grls are like that. If you get that pain that is ovulation. some women get it some don't. when that pain occurs check your panties or when u wipe after bathroom there will be alot of mucus egg white thick. Thats time to take your man to the bedroom. If you can try to have sex everyday 2 1/2 weeks to 3 weeks befor you think your period will start. That is a good start.

I have 4 kids 3 boys 1 girl 10,7,4,2yrs.
my husband and i tried for 1 yr before i got preggo with the first. and thats because i had no idea about my body. I started reading about my organs and signs that my body would give me. After that it was like clock work. I never had a problem getting pregnant

Just want to let you know that i had just started seeing a specialty doctor(fertility) After he did his first exam he told me i was already pregnant.

I hope this has helped u alittle and i really feel for u. Good luck
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