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My Georgi

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Here is my little girl GG I have had her for a week today. She is about 6 weeks and gorgeous.

I will post more later

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Aw, she is a little cutie!!
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OMG - is she ever precious!
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She sure does seem to be infatuated by that guy on TV!
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what a cutie! I just love his fuzzy furr!
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OMG, what a little fuzzy cutie she is
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Yeah she watched for a good while which was so funny. I also read a book to her the other day . Here are a few more - its soo hard to get good pictures of a black cat.

Isnt she just the sweetest thing ever!
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She is simply beautiful.

What a little honey.
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Aww, she is adorable..I'll bet she keeps you busy with activity..Congratulations..
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She is definitely a puff ball of gorgeous. How sweet!
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o my she is such a cutie pie, more pics please
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She is so adorable Look at her watching TV
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