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Im a little worried about Humphrey, over the last couple of days he has not left my side, and I mean that literally!!!!!! If im in the bath he is next to bath,if im putting washing out he their right beside me. I mean it is lovely and he is quite affecionate anyway but not this much and I do like it but Im worried that this could mean he is ill. I was sat down earlier and he was virtualy on top of me,cold not get any closer! I have him booked into vets on monday for his booster so will get him checked but suppose just wondering if you guys can shine any light on the matter. Also, he has a little siamese in him and has always been a "talker" but the last couple of days its been constant. Feeding wise he not eating as much but still eating a little and has become VERY fussy.


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Oh Claire I can understand how that might be worrying you - I cant offer much, you say he's eating little amounts, which can be normal with cats. What about drinking and toilet habits, all in order?
Anything else you think might have happened, does he go out, if so, maybe he's had a little 'to-do' with another cat ? just some thoughts ?
Well you are wise to ask when you take him to the vets, you will feel tons better about it

keep us posted !
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Thanks for replying!

He has stopped going out for long periods, just now and again for the toilet I guess. he was badly attacked last year by a female cat!! He had to have an operation to drain a big abscess. I knew that something was wrong with him then cos he pulled away from me all the time and was obviously not well but this time its odd.
I cannot go anywhere without him,the kids laugh cos he just comes with me,even to the loo!!!

He is my baby and bless him no-one wanted him as a kitten cos he had siamese in him and had a pointy face but I fell in love instantly and I dont think he would have a happier home.

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Well, I always say trust your instincts, though sometimes it is difficult to know if it is instinct or "mommy love" over reacting. Keep an eye on him, breathing, cleaning himself overly in an area, bowel movement regular, and very important drinking water.......If no major worry till vet apt., your just a good mom !
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Hi Guys

Really worried now as i have been stroking humphrey and was alarmed to find a lump in his tummy/groin area abouth the size of a brussel sprout!!! Noticed he has been licking that area a lot as well. His vet appt is not until monday at 9am and I dont think I can bear to wait. Trouble is not eligble for PDSA as I dont have housing benefit and not even sure if they are open at this time of night!

Please any ideas even if bad just so I know what im dealing with as then I can deal with it a bit better,got a bad feeling about this. He also constantly sleeping, hardly awake!


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It could be another abcess. Can you take him to an Emergency vet? I wouldn't wait until monday... Trust your instincts, if you think that there is something really wrong... go to a vet... do not wait..
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I completely agree, i've just brought my cat Maisy home, she was suffering from very similar symptoms. Is he drinking a more than normal? This would perhaps indicate a fever, Maisy had a temp of 105! I was feeling worried like you and got her to the vets a day early, she was fighting an infection- we're still not sure what from but they treated her for a couple of days and she's on antibiotics now and much happier. I would definately get it sorted before the booster because the vaccine might interfere with him getting better.
The lump does sound like an absess, which would cause an infection.
Try to call your vets, they should have an emergency surgery on sundays or a number for a different vets that will be open. It would be better to pay the extra money now-if you leave it longer it may end up costing you more in the long run, and peace of mind is priceless!! Let us know how you get on.xxxx
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This doesn't sound very good....Does the lump feel like it is just under the skin? It does sound like it could be an abscess. The problem with this is if it is an abscess, he does need to see a vet before Monday. They are poison in a pocket and if it burst without breaking through the skin, it can kill him....... Sorry to put fear in there but I went through the same once as well as you already, its scary.
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oh heck, just checking back on this - any news today sending lots of positive vibes for you & Humphrey
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Hi Guys

Thanx for support!

Going to phone the vet today and try and get him seen today. The lump is under the skin and if I even dare to go near it he bites me which is very unusal for him. Im pretty sure its another abscess as befor. The other one I missed and he nearly died from that so Im not taking any chances this time. He is eating but not as much and has become very fussy. He slept with me all night on my bed. Hubby had to sleep on the sofa (lol)!!!

Will update as soon as I have some news!!

claire xxxxxxxxxxxx
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Sorry to hear your kitty is unwell
I`m guessing your in the uk as you mentioned PDSA and housing benefit?
Just a thought but my vet will accept payments by instalements. Have you asked yours if they could do that? I think if you pay a small amount when you go in it should be ok.
I never had any written agreement about payment with mine, I just said I didn`t have enough money on me and I`d bring it in the following week. I think if you explain your circumstances they will be able to help you.
Good luck!
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No advice, but I hope you manage to get Humphrey seen to as soon as possible and that it is nothing serious. It is good that you found the lump - it sounds like it needs treatment quickly if it is affecting his behaviour that much.
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Nothing else to add, but sending thoughts and prayers for you and Humphrey.
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Hi Claire, hope you managed to get to see a vet today I agree with you, it does sound like an abscess, especially if he tries to bite you, it is obviously bothering him

Keep us posted !
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How's Mr. Humphrey today? I'm hoping you were able to see the vet and get this looked at.

One thing I love about my vet is that he always tells me, "You know your cat best." If something's not right with your pet and you've been watching him/her, it's not right and you shouldn't feel bad about taking your pet to the vet.

I got a giggle out of your DH sleeping on the couch.

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Hi Guys

Thanks again for all your support.

Well he has been at vets and they seem to think everything is ok. Originally thought he may have a hernia but that now ruled out. The lump is there and has been checked but apparently nothing sinister. Had his booster and they will see him again in 3 weeks. he is actualy a lot better in himself and has found his voice!! Trouble is now he loving the attention a bit too much!!

Phew was really worried but it was better to be safe


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oh that is great news, bet you feel tons better now so did the vet say the lump would just go ?
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Well apparrently he has one both sides! Could just be fat deposits, as she did say he should not get any fatter really!!!! Better cut his food down! He is not fat but because he has siamese in him they tend to be a bit slinkier whereas he seems to be going wider!! lol
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well Miss Moofi had one of those - it was like a flat disc about as big as a milk bottle top - I was like you worried sick - anyways vet checked it over and said it was nothing, just fatty deposit then all of a sudden it just went so maybe its the same then ?
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Glad Humphrey is feeling better and that it doesn`t seem it`s anything too serious.
They like to keep us on our toes!
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Just seeing this, I'm glad everything turned out okay for Humphrey...I love his name
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Well you know I had to have that name, my husband is sooooooo embarrased by it, lol, but it suits him. I always get a chuckle from other pet owners when Im at the vets and the vet calls out "Humphrey"!!!!
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