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Puppy update!

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Well, some of you may know that we have been working with a wonderful breeder in our quest for a basset hound...and I just received an e-mail from the breeder stating that the dam is indeed pregnant, and we're expecting the pups to arrive somewhere around April 11th! We have first pick on a female!!! Yay!!!!!!!!

We're so we have to re-vamp our list of names!
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Congrats on your impending guilt face!
Sorry, that's just what I call Basset's, they always make me feel guilty, even if I haven't done anything!
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LOL @ "impending guilt face."

They pretty much come out of the womb with that face!
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I love Bassets!
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Congrats on your puppy! guess the Marvin Gaye music did the trick
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Congrats on your puppy! Can't wait to see pics. Bassets are so cute.
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Aww!! Congrats on your new puppy! I am going to anxiously await some pics.
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Well, we're actually just anxiously awaiting for puppy to be BORN! Now I'm all worried for the whelping, and if it will be a smooth delivery, no complications, etc. And April 11th is right around the corner!
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Holding fingers and paws crossed that whelping goes off without a problem.
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Athena sends a basset paw up for the puppy
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Wookie Good for you, Great choice I have to say I am a tad prejudice about the Basset Hounds they are great dogs and I have never seen one that didn't get along with the Kits. I raised them for about 10 years and I was going to do it again but having eight cats and Zoie I thought I was a bit overdone This is what your in for
Dexter and Zoie he couldn't believe she was so small... Dexter was only 7 when we lost him and Zoie sure helped that pain, she's a Daddy's Girl for sure. I know you will Love it.

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Our pup better be even 1/8th as cute as Zoie was when she was little! I'm sure she will be, however. You can't really go wrong with a basset puppy.
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Congratulations on your new puppy, let us know when she gets here
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Just 10 more days until her "due date"!!!

We're getting mighty antsy around here, and hope Momma Basset has a smooth delivery!
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Hoping for the perfect whelping and Momma Basset and baby Bassets are all fine!!
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Congrats! Hounds are so great. I wish we had had Max when he was a puppy. What are the top contenders for names??

What is whelping?
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Whelping is the delivery or birthing of puppies.

So far for names...well, we have an entire alphabetical list written down so far. The top names seem to be Petunia, Olga, or Rita at this point, but it seems to change daily.
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