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Tuesday DT

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A little late, but better late than never, right?

It's pretty slow at work right now. It is grey and cold outside. We are supposed to get our first snow of the season tonight. The high tomorrow is supposed to be 33 degrees. BBBRRRR! Gonna be loving that fireplace tonight! I'm actually ready to go home right now and curl up by the fire with a couple kitties. Unfortunately I still have over 2 hours before I can do that. We did have a fire going once before, and they were curious about it but didn't get too close. Well, Ophelia bonked her nose on the screen trying to get a better look but that's as eventful as it got. Trent just curled up on his cat tree which is next to the fireplace and soaked in the warm.
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I'm so glad no one's tail "went up!" (Not that mommy or daddy would have let that happen!)

It's dismal here too. Well - sunny but cold, and I'm not used to it yet. It was well below freezing last night. Guess we're going to have to get the heat tape out....

Have to go to the office tomorrow. I have an infection in the gland under my ear, but the fever's gone and the antibiotics have kicked in enough now, so the swelling's down and it doesn't hurt much anymore to smile and eat (WOW! was it painful for a while. That is not a way to diet that I recommend to anyone!). At least the antibiotics kicked in REALLY fast. I'm just a little bit nervous. Doc wants a CT scan because I just had an infection there a few months ago. That's been scheduled for Thursday morning. Cross your fingers that it's just that I'm prone to infection there and nothing else! Gary and I really can't take much more.! Thanks!

So anyway, I have to go to the office tomorrow. Ugh.

Have a nice night, everyone!

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Laurie, I hope it isn't anything serious! You've got my energy comin' atcha!

Yeah, I was a bit nervous about the fire thing, since they had never seen it before, and with Trent's big fluffy tail. Actually, Earl was worse than me. The fireplace only has one of those really flimsy pull across screens, so he wouldn't let me start a fire at all until we got one of those 4-part standing screens to put in front of it. He wasn't there when I had my first fire, and I think that is a good thing. He would have been ah-ah-ah-ing them if they even looked at the fire. At least I know he loves them as much as I do, just in his own way.
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Thanks for the good wishes!
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Men show their love in different ways, don't they? They just have to be Mr. Macho! My babies love it when I have a fire in the fireplace. I have glass doors and a heat exchanger, so they're safe. In fact if I don't move fast enough, I get yelled at!
Laurie, you'd better have good news for us. We don't want any more health problems for you or Gary. I'm praying for you right now and every time I think of you or see your name, God will get bugged about this problem! He doesn't mind; he likes it!
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Today is Monday, for me. Work wasn't too bad, though. I DO have to close, the rest of the week. Sunday is my last day!!!!

Bill has a steak, for the grill and I'm relaxing before dinner. Rough life.
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Laurie - good luck with your tests. I will send good health prayers your way!
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