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Bull Fighting in Spain

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If this isnt one reason why they should consider banning it in more towns - serves him right I say !

Matador gored by bull

As you can read 40,000 bulls are killed each year. Currently there is only about 5 major cities which have banned bull fighting, one being Barcelona.
Also can you believe that Hemingway had a lifelong love affair with bullfighting and wrote evocatively of its "spiritual intensity". Hemingway also saw bullfighting as a richly choreographed ballet led by a proud, elegant matador...well we are all entitled to our view, wonder if the matador in this article saw it as ballet when the bulls horns dug deep into his 'private parts' ?

Here is another article about bullfighting from PETA UKs web explaining what actually happens and what you can do about it....

thoughts anyone ?
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I can't open those links because bull fighting upsets me and i wish they would ban it, but one thing i will say is i hope it hurt the matador like hell!!
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
I can't open those links because bull fighting upsets me and i wish they would ban it, but one thing i will say is i hope it hurt the matador like hell!!

well theres only a picture of the matador being tossed in the air - and the text explains what happend to him - which bearing in mind it was in the tender regions of the fella that got the full force, well I bet it did hurt like hell GOOD
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In that case i'll have a look

EDIT : Oh but the poor bulls covered in blood!! It's a shame the matadors doing ok though because the poor bulls not
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lets hope - that while the matador will make a recovery, maybe something of his might not work for a loooonnnnng time !!
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When I was young, my older sister went on a vacation with a friend to Mexico, and went to see a "Bull Fight". Now she was only about 14 years old at the time, and she had no idea of what it was about, but that changed her life forever after seeing how barbaric this "sport" is. She started working with rescue's after that, and to this day is a big animal rights supporter..
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I don't think he will be anybody's daddy.
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i always laugh and cheer when the bull does that.
does that make me a bad human?, maybe.
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I was in Spain about 3 years ago and went to see a bullfight.

There were a few things that surprised me.

The first was that the matador did hardly any work. There were these men, I can't remember the term for them, who did most of the "stabbing" before the matador even came out. So I thought the matador was quite a bit overrated.

Second, it wasn't as gruesome as I thought it would be. It was sad, don't get me wrong, but I realized this is a major part of the culture in Spain.

Third, the bulls are used to feed the poor in the city. So some good does come of it.

It was a little bit disturbing for me to watch, being an animal lover, and I don't think I'd go to another, but that's mainly because I was a bit disappointed in the overall bullfight - it wasn't much of a fight at all.

I have some photos:

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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
I can't open those links because bull fighting upsets me and i wish they would ban it, but one thing i will say is i hope it hurt the matador like hell!!
EXACTLY!!! Every time I see a episode on a show like "when pets go bad" or something like that, i always always always say "serves 'em right. tormenting the poor things, what do you expectt them to do?"
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If I am remembering correctly...they torture the bull, kill it, & then drag it into the streets? They use pronged "sticks" to draw blood. Sounds like a high old time to me! (that was sarcasm). IMO, bullfights are as wretched as any other animal cruelty! It's a living breathing creature! People doing that to a dog or cat get jail time....why is it a "sport"?!?!?!

I didn't look at the links, I can't. That is just sick, sick, sick!
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I can't believe that this (bullfighting) is allowed to go on in 2007 I mean I respect other cultures and their traditions but this is a cruel, heartless, and barbaric tradition. I really think it is rather lame that people are entertained by it.
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Bull Fighting sickens me. We have a friend who goes to Tijuana all the time to watch them. HE keeps trying to get us to go. Neither my DH or I will take part in it.

I understand, not that long ago, 100 years ago in small vilages bull fights were used as a form of getting together with neighboring towns, selling your good, getting news. It was a way for people to get together. Now a days we don't need it. We can have news instantly, markets exist, and so on. I do however think in some countries of Mexico and around the word where life is still very simple and old world maybe it is okay. There are parts of the world that don't have real running water yet. For some of these people it may be the only way to sell their goods and get news from the big city. In a developed sity I completly disagree with it. We don't need it today.
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Bullfighting makes me wanna

It is just the most drawn-out, unnecessary, cruel and evil event I can think of that is still supported by popular culture in the 21st Century.

Disgusting, sickening, I hope everyone who goes to see one gets gouged where it hurts and bleeds to death slowly.

After being stuck with prongs.

And then fed to the poor, homeless dogs and cats in Spain.

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