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What the heck is this

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Zazzy was pretty confused for a minute This thing goes around slow the back the other way like swinging, its a big tease the Cats like it, Its made by Sharper Image

What is this thing trying to pull

I got it oh yeah

Now you have had it big time, You are so done dude
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That would be my two as well, attacking it as soon as it moved.
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Plus it has a remote control so it goes all over the place while its swinging, she holds it down with her feet
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I am just going to have to quit looking at TCS because it is costing me too much money! Now I have to run out and buy one of these...
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You go, Zazzy!
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My cat's just love this thing..I got it for them at Christmas, and they could play for a long time...Happy playing Zazzy..
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The only thing they don't like is when I use the remote they think its going to get them
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Oh that is precious She seems to like it too
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I have one of those toys, got it for $3 at the dollar store - Ginger LOVES it!
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I almost got my boys that the other day, but I wasn't sure if they would like it or not!
Cute pics!
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I've never seen one of those toys, but it looks like Zazzy is having lots of fun with it.
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Looks like a great toy. I'd chase my cats around with it!
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For normal cats that looks like fun. However my Dusty won't play with any toy, and I've tried just about everything. She does LOVE her corrigated scratching board though!

You go Zazzy!
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Its wonderful to find a toy cats like =) Zazzy is a cuuutie!
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