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Borneo Clouded Leopard Discovered

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A new species of big cat has been discovered in the Borneo jungle - oh man you Bengal fans are gonna love this beauty !

Here he is theres six photos, just click on the little arrows near the top to scroll to each photo
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Gosh their gorgeous aren't they!!
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How beautiful
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Stunning kitty.

I know it's a different species of clouded leopard but has anyone ever seen the show Growing Up Clouded Leopard on Animal Planet?
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That is literally breathtaking! That is the most gorgeous cat I've ever seen!
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Perfection in nature never ceases to amaze me. Absolutley BEAUTIFUL!
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Wow, how gorgeous - just the most stunning markings, and those glorious eyes!!!
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wow that cat is beautiful!!
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You don't need to be a Bengal owner to love this cat! Man is he/she stunning!! Thanks for sharing.
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I saw this a few days ago on the tv. It is such a beautiful animal. Now im going to be worried about poachers and :censored: people who will want to hunt it now that its been discovered. *pouts*
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Lets hope its secretive lifestyle will enable it to hide from hunters and poachers He IS handsome though...
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You know.... Its amazing that humans think they know everything there is to know. We been on this planet how long, and never seen this cat before? If people just stopped for a second to realize the beauty in the world...
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Wow! I want one!! Has anyone seen a "domestic tiger"? Mom said she saw it on some morning show last week and she can't remember what it was called.. She thought it was a Tager or something like that. lol
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Wow! What a stunning creature! Spectacular.
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