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Question from a new member

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from ac.twinkle.toes

I need help. i cant seem to find it anywhere. my cat had a miscarriage yesterday. and now she is VERY depressed. she isn't herself. she just lays around and doesn't really eat or drink. she wont play with her brothers or sister. I feel so bad. I want to help her. I would take her to the vet but i have no money to do so. i think she would be happy if i found a new born cat for her to mother but i cant find one. dont know how to. but what can i do. she just lays there. shes an outdoor cat. (they dont like to be indoor.. they like the outdoors)
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These are my instincts talking and not experience or hands-on knowledge - but cats don't really experience parenthood like we do. Its possible that she's acting this way because of some emotional response to the miscarriage, but I'm more inclined to think its a health problem. Are you sure that all the kittens were removed from her womb? I'm worried that maybe there are still some dead kittens inside her that are causing her to be sick, and that would be a very bad thing. Can you talk to the vet about a payment plan? I think she needs to see one.

Well, I hope that someone more experienced comes along with a better answer, but her behavior just doesn't sound right to me. Best of luck.
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I have heard of shelters giving foster kittens to a mom who's newly given birth. In that case, they would want to check that she is healthy, so you might be able to have someone look at her that way. Make sure she is getting food and water and not bleeding too much...
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i have to agree with the others, see if a vet is willing to set up a payment plan . lilly was terrible after she lost her kittens , we did manage to find 2 4 week old kittens but she wouldnt except them so this dosnt always help . if there is nothing medically wrong with her she will be ok after a few days. some people say that cats have no emotion when it comes to things like this , others including myself have experinced it first hand what it can do to a cat, weather or not we judge it right or not is another matter , but im a great beliver that they do feel pain and loss. can you ask her what lead her to belive she had a miscarriage?
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I think she really needs to see a vet, try calling some and see if they are willing to make a payment plan, or even call some shelters and see what they recommend.

You could try applying for assistance here http://www.carecredit.com/
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