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Am I doing this right?

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I wash Milli every morning with a warm cloth, and after she has had a feed.
At night it seems Milli won't go sleep unless I have wiped her down. Ears, face and body, Milli has started cleaning herself. Am I over doing this or is this the correct way to teach her to clean?
Milli is 7weeks
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As long as she is beginning to groom herself and continues to do so she should be fine. Mother cats touch and groom their kittens a lot so does sound like she thinks you're mommy and the wipe downs probably have a lot to do with comforting her.
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aww, thats sounds so lovely and it seems she is getting the message if she has also started giving herself a wash too bless her
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thank you.
wow, now I feel so much better, I thought I was loosing my mind. Milli is my child, and people started laughing at me. Telling me I was over doing this.
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Awwww that is sweet! I think you are doing the right thing and teaching her to groom in the same way as her mum would (well in the most similar way you can short of licking her all over! )

They do get the hang of it, Radar was very half hearted about grooming until he was between 4 and 5 months, and then became very thorough - and Sonic is proving to be the same. I think young kittens are too easily distracted to dedicate enough time to bathing thoroughly!
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I think what you are doing is awesome! And it's great that milli is starting to groom herself now!
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I don't think you're overdoing it at all! At least she's learning to groom herself. My kitty Dinah has NEVER cleaned herself, so I have to give her frequent baths or she gets stinky. BATHS... with water, soap, and the whole nine yards. But she just loves it! So as long as you and your kitty are both happy with your grooming routine, that's all that matters
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i love your sig!

that's so cute. i'm proud she's grooming herself!
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Originally Posted by Renovia View Post
i love your sig!

that's so cute. i'm proud she's grooming herself!

thanks.. but I think the mother within me kicked in.

I have slowed down on cleaning Milli, brushing and powder.
So this morning I heard a commotion from the bath room.. Milli dived her face cloth off the hook, somehow and was rubbing herself on it.
I picked it up wet and warmed it and she allowed me to pamper her..

Milli is getting so cute.
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lol, okey so I slowed downed cleaning Milli. This morning I found her rolling on her face cloth. (no idea how she got it off the hook) and when I took it away from her she clawed at me.
I wet the cloth and wiped her, she is now resting like a baby should.
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I just wanted to say that your little baby sounds sooooo cute! It doesn't sound like your over doing it at all. As it sounds, she's starting to do it on her own. So she'll just need a little help from time to time!
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