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Frustrating Day Choosing Tiles!

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I cannot make up my mind on my kitchen wall and counter tiles. So far I have been to 7 shops and not seen anything that I really like. But that is partly because I am not even sure what colour I want. The units are light oak, with a limewash effect on them. The floor is a textured white ceramic and the walls will be very pale yellow, the colour that is throughout the house and can be seen through the archway from the kitchen into the living room. The kitchen is not dark as such, but has a lowish ceiling with a wooden beam, and the windows are quite small, so I must keep everything light.

At first I thought yellow, to go with the painted walls, but now I think it might be too much. Then I looked at white, with and without motifs, but I think that looks too cold and clinical, and the various beige/brown mixes to match the wood seem sad. Actually, one of the nicest tiles I saw today was light green, which did look nice against the other colours. But I am not sure I should introduce a new colour, though I will have display cabinets with stained glass in green and yellow. Tomorrow I have one more shop to go to, then I am out of ideas and places to go. Why is this so difficult?
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What about cream?. I'm a neutral coloured girl, and i've got lots of cream in my house, plus it goes with everything
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I think cream would be a mistake given the white floor. It would look 'dirty white'.
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You know we are having the same problem, I think you just see so many that your minds gets crowded with all the options

What we have now decided to do is, go to the tile place, decide on ONE colour and take home at least 5 samples in that colour. Pick one from those, go get some more from the next colour options, pick one from that batch and so on until we have covered the range of colours we were thinking about.

Hopefully we'll have about 4-5 tiles from the colour ranges - and should be able to pick the final one - hopefully !!
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I was thinking a white with light brown/tan coloured "marbled" effect might be nice. You would have the pure white but the starkness would be offset by the "vein" of light brown/tan.
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Those sound good ideas, but I don't think I've seen anything like that all day. I like your picture, Anne, where did that one come from or is it an actual mosaic? I might have to come back to the UK to get them!
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Hmmmm, this sounds like I may be able to give some advice. Which counter tops are going to be tile, all? What wall areas, around sink, stove, or bordering entire counter adjoined wall areas? Have you thought about granite/ marble counter tops? Tile counter tops are often difficult to clean and use efficiently.....
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I think they are those little mosaic tiles that come in sheets on a sort of wire mesh.
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I know what people say about tiled counter tops, but I have had them before and I like them. If they are grouted and sealed properly they don't get dirty. The preformed tops always end up getting damaged by heat or knives, and then you have a permanent problem, and the wood and granite ones look beautiful to start with but are hard to maintain. I am now past the point of return with getting tiled ones as I have the under-counter and wooden moulding for them. The tiles don't have to be mosaic size - usually they are about 3 to 4 inches square - the small square tiles, which I think look better than the larger ones, though people do use those too.

And yes, all my counter tops wil be tiled, including round the sink and hob. And I am considering tiling the hob hood too. The walls above the units will be tiled the same, and the other wall in the kitchen will be pale yellow.
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I've always liked a pale blue with pale yellow...

Here's what my dishes look like...
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Originally Posted by kluchetta View Post
I've always liked a pale blue with pale yellow...

Here's what my dishes look like...
That was actually going to be one of my suggestions! Blue is very complimentary with yellow, and decorative design tiles sharing those colors are not so hard to find.....The small tiles pic earlier are not functionally made for this application. Another consideration for color coordination is kitchen accessories, dish towels, counter appliances, and other...... I think possibly a pale yellow that compliments your wall color for counter tiles with a blue(deep or pale) border on the walls, possibly at wall counter/ junction would be lovely. A decorative tile could be incorporated into the border as well that incorporates all the colors in variations allowing the tile to be visually stunning as well as functional......
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I had almost given up today when I saw a road sign for a tile place I hadn't heard of, but I found it and it was great! I have chosen a tile that is basic yellow, but broken with blue-grey and white, and complements my other colours perfectly. The decor tiles that go with it show a series of French cottages and pix of jugs, windowsills etc, and are local and pretty. They also have touches of blue and green, so will pick up the colours of the room really well. I have blue and white china, although I also have a white and silver set, so it all goes well. And also good news - I don't have to wait - they will have them for me by next Wednesday. And they were near the bottom of my budget range! Now all I have to find is an integrated microwave with grill function, in black and at least 24 litre capacity - simple you would think? Not according to the places I visited today.

Things are progressing - the electrician came today too, and my jacuzzi bath is now working. I will try it tonight and hope I don't flood the floor or electrocute myself.
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That sounds Lovely Jenny, I have all white tile on my counters and I do Love it but it is very hard to keep the grout clean.
But not only in the Kitchen but in the adjoining Family room I have red witch I never thought I would like, but I love it have had the same for 7 yrs now.
I would like to change the tile to Granite but it's very costly, they wanted over $5500.00 so I told hubby No I like the white & the red and for that kind of money I'll keep it. I don't think it looks real stark because of the red and the island brakes it up also...Can't wait to see yours when it's done
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I'm glad you found something you liked!
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That sounds really nice, Jenny - I'm glad you finally found the perfect tiles! I can't wait to see the "after" pictures.
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They sound really nice, I'm glad you found some you like.
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Those tiles do sound really great and will go well in your kitchen.
Enjoy your jacuzzi tub-we have a super fancy whirlpool tub that is so nice to sit and relax in with a glass of wine. Just remember not to use bubble bath when you are also using the jets-LOTS OF BUBBLES!!! (I'm speaking from experience!)
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Your place looks lovely, Lois. My wood is a similar colour. I will post pix when it is done!
ANd thanks for the tip, Gail - I didn't try it last night after all but I will today.
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Your kitchen sounds like it is going to be lovely! I'm glad you finally found your tiles. We are redoing our kitchen also and finally found our tiles after looking for 6 months (Mexican travertine in beige, tan and terra cotta). Something as simple as tile is not very easy to find!!
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