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Pictures of my boys

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Here are our cat heads and one I could not resist posting of our birds and our first born girl about 9 years ago. I imagine the caption for that one being along the lines of (OK, I killed it, now let's eat or now what the heck do we do?!)
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I don't see any pictures?
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Those are lovely pictures. Do you still have birds? If so, how do they get along with the cats?
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What pretty boys you have! They look so much alike.

Great pictures
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I love the pic of the kitty in the sink!
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great photos - the birds with the baby is so cute and I like the one of the kitty in the sink.......why do they do that
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Very pretty kitties! polproud is my favorite -- very regal.
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Adorable pics...your baby is gorgeous
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The one with the birds cracked me up. Your baby didn't seem to mind at all!
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awwwww soooo cute!
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Awww.. what sweet kitties! And the first pic is cute too
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The bird on the baby is cute (great caption)
The cats are nice too
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