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RIP Daredevil

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The sweet little kitty who fell 4 stories has passed away. He suffered massive internal injuries and a potentially pre-existing health condition. Here is his original thread,

RIP little one

Go play and jump at rainbow bridge
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RIP sweet one, you can run and play and jump all you want now - have fun with all the other speical kitties over the Bridge
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RIP sweet little one. You will have many friends at the rainbow bridge.
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The poor baby

Be a daredevil as much as you want over at the bridge because you'll have soft landings there

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Poor little sweetie! Rest peacefully, honey, and play happily over the rainbow bridge!
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Daredevil may you RIP...Play happily at RB sweet one..
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Godspeed over RB, Daredevil....looks like you have gone to your Forever Home. condolences to all those potential adopters who will miss out on your purrs, headbutts & the many other joys a cat brings. I am sad that you had to endure such a horrific experience, but may your story be read and inspire human hearts to offer loving homes to other kitties in need.
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RIP Daredevil. Run free and healthy at the Rainbow Bridge.

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Poor little guy. How awful that this happened to him.

Rest in peace sweet boy. You will be missed.
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Poor baby. You don't have to be hungry, scared, or lonely anymore. RIP, Daredevil.
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Poor little Daredevil, you are now healthy again, I hope you are having a good time at the Bridge

RIP Daredevil
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RIP Daredevil, you can't hurt at all in Heaven
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