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However, do you think I did the right thing?

When I was naming beneficiaries, I names 2 family members and not B. There's nothing bad between us and I don't plan on us breaking up right now, but I looked at it and thought: We're not married and we're not engaged.

I always think worse case scenerio and at the time I thought: what happens 6 months down the road and I come home find out he's cheating on me (or whatever), we break up and I die before I change any benies.

I guess I just feel a little bad because I know that he's name me as a benie in some of his stuff.
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I have done that as well for a few things. Actually I have not changed my beney to my fiancee yet. I will when we get married. But thanks for reminding me of that.
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No, I don't think you're wrong at all. Like you said, you're not married. Trusting your money to someone is a major decision. You can always change it if you think it's the right thing to do.
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I've been seeing Gil now for over a year now and i changed my will recently to have my sister, my niece and the cats protection to be the beneficiaries. I recently inherited a large sum of money from my late husbands estate so i'm being cautious as are you and that's not a bad thing. If in a few years down the line Gil and i are still together i may change it again, but we don't live together so it's staying as it is.

You could always add clauses to your will like my lawyer told me if i change my mind and added him in.
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You have no idea how many times I have seen this very thing in banking. It's very common esp in your case. Don't worry about it. You don't have to tell him about it. Besides when the time comes you won't be around to listen to anyone complain about who is your beneficary. I say put down the most responsible person. When I had to put down a beneficary on the Life Insurance at work, I put down my Godmother. Love mom but she would need someone to guide her with the money.
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A lot of it comes from my older sister. She was actually engaged, had a bank account with her fiance and they broke it off.

Small claims court split the money straight down the middle...even though she was the one with the job and the majority of her money in it.

Heck...I guess I'm so untrusting when it comes to money that I'm sure it'll be a year before I sign a new husband as a beney of money
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Originally Posted by lunasmom View Post
Heck...I guess I'm so untrusting when it comes to money
Your not, your just looking after your assets that's all. Theres a lot to be said about those pre nups believe me!.
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I think you are right to do this.
Like you say, you're not married or even engaged so you have to think about things as though you are single. If you feel like you can change things one day then thats fine, but you are sensible to be cautious
Not that anything is going to happen to you!
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I think you did the smart thing and not let your emotions play with your head. You can't predict the future, etc. You are not married and I would not do anything before that.
I think you should always look out for yourself first. Because you are the one you will have to rely on when it doesn't work out.
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