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My girls

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I thought I would post some new pics of my girls.

First up, we have Molly, 14, who I have had for 15.5 months now, good for a cat that we didn't think had long left to live!!

And then Tiger, 13, who's owner wanted to pts at 13 as she was too much bother, she has been with me 7 months now.

Then we have Lucy, she isn't one of mine, but will be a long term foster, due to the fact she has to lose 4kg!!

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what a beautiful bunch of distinguished older gals! does Molly think she's a pretzel or what?? and I love brown tabbies, any age

how's Lucy been doing??
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I love Molly's pic! They're all gorgeous!
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It's Golden Girls at your place!!!
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Awww their all so sweet! How could the owner of Tiger give her up after 13 years though?

Bless their hearts, at least they can retire in comfort now
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They are all 3 beautiful! I love Molly on her head!
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Originally Posted by Fred&Nermal View Post
It's Golden Girls at your place!!!
That is a great name them. Keep us posted on Lucy's weight loss
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The Golden Girls - how appropriate. Those are lovely pictures - thanks for sharing.
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Wonderful pictures! Bless you for taking care of them all.
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what a bunch of cuties - keep us posted on sweet Lucy, hope she settling in well
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o my u have abunch of cuties
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They're gorgeous!
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Thanks everyone - Lucy isn't an oldie bless her, she is only 6. I do like the term golden girls for my two, they get referred to as the girls a lot already. For the first time in a while, we are a girls only household!! I haven't figured out yet why Molly likes to sleep like that, it doesn't look at all comfy to me!!
Susan - god knows how anyone could get rid of Tiger, I love her to bits, but I dont think her owner showed her that much affection, but she is getting better, as I do insist on kissing and stroking her, and she tolerates more now than she did before!! She will lie against my legs if I lie on the sofa with the blanket over me, so I try and do that quite often for her.
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