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Just My Luck...or Murphy's Law

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I have been searching for a simple digital camera and recently saw a combo on ShopNBC. A camera and a Lexmark printer that prints everything, including photos and has a docking station for the camera that comes with it. I have seen it for a while, and finally, when it went on sale for $99 and free s&h, I ordered it. It came last week with a free gift! A big, sturdy cardboard box for Sophie and Mollie to play in! They were excited! I was excited! Finally I can post pictures of my little monsters and share them everyone here!
The other night I tried (notice the operative word "tried") to start my laptop - it kept shutting down. I remembered that I had taken a 3 yr warrenty from Best Buy (which expires 4/24) so Wednesday I took my laptop in. Well, the Best Buy Geek (that is what they call themselves) says, if it is a corrupted hard drive, I get it repaired for free. If it is a Microsoft problem (I guess he meant Windows) it will cost me $130 w/ only a 1 month warrenty.
My personal Geek just called - and - guess what - it is Windows and $130 and will take a week to repair - after I find the original discs that came with my laptop...
Now, many of you may be organized when it comes to the "computer stuff" that we collect - I, however, am not. So now, instead of spending the weekend capturing Sophie and Mollie in endearing and artistic feline poses (that I would be posting on TCS so that all members could admire my beautiful and talented girls), I will be searching through boxes for stupid Windows discs that I haven't seen or used in 3 years
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Thanks stinks!!!

I don't like Best Buy's extended warranty for as much as you pay up front, it seems they nickel and dime you afterwards.
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I would think a warrenty is a warrenty. If it is to be fixed while under the 3 ytr warrenty, then no matter how long it has left to run, it should be fixed, unless it was specified in the fine print. Too bad though, but break time on looking can be spent getting pics of the cats. Just a thought.
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I am happy for you and a new camera, but the computer thing really stinks..I will be awaiting the wonderful pics you will be showing us in the next couple of weeks..hang in there..
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Well, I spent the weekend trying to find the discs for windows. I finally called a friend yesterday to ask her if she had hers (we bought the same computers at the same time) She said, "no, windows was all ready installed on the computer. don't you remember?" I feel so stupid! The reason there is no warranty (according to Best Buy) is that Microsoft has no warranties on their products!
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Oh Great Days...that stinks!!!
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That stinks, I hate computer problems, especially when it's Microsoft's fault. Do you have Window's XP? The unfortunate thing about XP, unless the Geeks at Best Buy know something I missed the last 3 times I had to reload XP, is that unless you back up everything on your hard drive first, you're going to lose it when XP is reloaded. Hopefully they will back up everything.

The price is outrageous though, all tech support stuff is. There is no such thing as free help any more. I had to call Norton a few years ago with a virus problem and they wanted to charge like $25 immediately and $15 every half hour after that..something rediculous.
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