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New member!!

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Hi to you all out there.
I am in the UK.
I have British short hair cats, but have had X breeds.
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Hi there and a very big warm welcome, I know you will love this site!!!
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Hi Lily, great to have another UK-er here - Surrey's not a million miles from me.

The site is great, wade on in and lets have lots of info on you and your kitties.

What are your cats and dogs called?
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Hi, lily! It's great to have you. I agree; we want to know more about you and your kitties. Pictures too, if possible. Join us in the Cat Lounge for some fun, or the other forums for great information about all aspects of cats.
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Thank you for the welcome.
Names of cats
Lily she is lilac, Cleo is a blue and three kits Dee Dee a blue tortie, Alice a blue tortie colourpoint and Beau who is a lilac.
I am having trouble getting the picture to fit.
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I lived in Woking for 6 months or so.

Hope to see much more of you on the site.
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Welcome! Hope you get your pictures in! I had a hard time too! lol!

Proud parent of JoJoAuxana and Sarah
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A blue Tortie/Blue Tortie Colourpoint? Wow. Thess I have to see a picture of. I've never heard of those colours ever.

They sound adorabubble - kittens too. Oohhh. WE LOVE kittens!

I've got a lilac cream kitty - but a persian - hairy as can be, not all neat like BSH. My stray, Ferdy has a lot of BSH in him, but he's black.
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Welcome to the group
You will love it here
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This is a great forum. Welcome. I am sure you will love it as much as I do!
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