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Misty's in Labor!!! Help!

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ok, i woke up to misty making a bunch of noise and going into labor. she's been pushing for a while and she has a little bit of the sac out of one of the babies. i called my vet and told them that they told me to give it another hour and if it's still not out to take her in. she seems to be pushing hard. what should i do?
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How's she doing now? any news?
Just follow the vets advice,and take her in if need be.Obviously nearly an hour has gone by already......has she managed or is she still pushing?
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She managed! They're here! she got the other one out while i was getting myself ready and dressed to go to the vet, it had been 50 minutes already. then 10 minutes later the other one followed! so exciting!!

It doesn't look like she has much milk though? i know she hasn't been leaking any at all. will there be milk there for them?
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Congrats! Do they seem to be healthy? I'm not sure about the milk but I'm sure one of the experts will be along any minute to help you. What color are the kittens?

Can't wait for pics!
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Her milk will start to come down as the babies begin to suckle. Is she eating the placentas? They contain some nutrients that also help to bring in the milk. How is she doing? Any more babies yet?
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they seem to be healthy! moving around a lot looking for milk and meowing a lot. i can see the strong one already, it's climbing all over poor misty! lol i really can't see their exact color yet cuz they're still wet, they're both dark though, probably grey like they're momma, one looks like it might be a tabby. one is pretty much all gray or black, the other has white on it's underside, the belly and neck like its momma!

yes, she ate the placentas, well i saw her eat one, i'm pretty sure she ate the other one cuz i don't see it anywhere. i'm positive she was only pregnant with 2, well 3, but yeah she aborted that one over a day ago because it wasn't developed properly.

I want to thank everyone here who has offered advice, wiched us good luck and sent lots of positive thoughts for a healthy pregnancy. i've been posting about this and asing all sorts of things for a week and thank you to everone who has helped. i would've gone crazy without ya'll!
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Wow, that is great...and fast! I'm glad she is doing well. Her milk will probably come in anytime, don't panic yet. It doesn't hurt to have a can of KMR and a bottle waiting though.
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aww congrats on the new babys. im so happy that everything went better.
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Thanks everyone!

how can i know 4 sure if milk is coming through? it probsbly is but i wanna be sure......

btw....they're doing great! misty is a great mom, she knew exactly what to do when they were born! she really is a good mom.

both of them r tabbies, one is a dark grey tabby, the other is lighter with a little white mixed in and a little light brown/tan on his head.
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Faith you should of came and found me I missed all of the excitement But as long as she and the kits are healthy then that is what counts. Try to post pictures when you can.
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So glad to see that you have two healthy kittens! I bet they're just lovely. Keep them warm, make sure they're getting enough in their bellies!
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