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Kitty Cake

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I used to decorate cakes for a few years and now only do it for family occasions and things like that. Here is one I made though for my mom's last birthday to look like her cat (RIP)

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It's adorable!!! (And yummy looking. )
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Isn't that brilliant!!
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I love it! I want one .
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That is so so cute. U are a lot o talent
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Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post
I love it! I want one .
If only I could ship a cake!

It was a lot of fun, but the only way to make any real money is to do wedding cakes and I just couldn't handle the pressure! i still enjoy doing the cartoon cakes, etc. on occasion though. My family hasn't bought a bakery cake in years, and my stepsisters both got "free" wedding cakes!
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It looks great, well done! I really love how you did the ball of yarn, and the fur on the cat looks furry! Thanks for sharing.
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I would sooooooooo eat that.
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That is sooooo cute and looks real yummy..
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That takes a lot of talent to do. It looks great, especially the ball of yarn. Very cute. I'm sure your family appreciates your baking abilities.
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AWE!!! It is so looks like my little man, Sqeekers.
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That's adorable!
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Awesome! That's really special! You do great work!
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very nice, it would almost be sad to eat it.
hmm on second thought, send me some
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
very nice, it would almost be sad to eat it.
hmm on second thought, send me some

That's why I took pictures of all of them! They had no trouble just digging right in

Here's a couple more of my favorites. I just love Marvin the Martian so had to do one of him. The birdhouse was my first attempt at a 3-D cake and it definitely was tricky getting the pieces cut right and get them to stay in place!

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Those are great! Let's see more cakes!

I have one that would go with your birdhouse cake; it was for Daughter's 6th Bird-day party (the theme was birds, obviously). I wanted to make a parrot, but she insisted on a nest. Nineteen kids attended this party at our house!

p.s. Who is the Marvin the Martian fan? My husband would love that cake!
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Your bird nest cake is so great! What a clever idea! I made the Marvin cake for myself, just for fun, because I've always liked him. I have about 30 cartoon and character cake pans but I don't have any of the other pictures scanned or I would post them.

Looking at them almost makes me want to start doing it again! lol
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Have you checked out Cake Central? You can put up a gallery of your cakes, and it's great searching for new ideas.

I wanted to add ribbons and bits of string in the nest, but ran out of time because I tried to cover the cream eggs with imitation white chocolate that I thought was real, you can see it's kind of lumpy.
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