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Cats attacking our little dog,,,,

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Hi, Lately 3 of our cats will gang up and attack our little dog we got not long ago. I know Angel starts it with the dog, but I can't believe the other 2 big cats join in, and they are not playing, The dog tries to get away but they will corner him someplace and he then has to fight all of them at once. Cozmo gets so upset he hides under the bed while all this is going on. I have chased off the cats and gave them a scolding and a little slap but they are still at it, They just attacked Willy again this morning. I don't understand why they are doing this? Willy don't do anything to them that I know of.
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There is an old joke about dogs and cats that I will not repeat here but I can tell you the punch line: BECAUSE THEY CAN. When I had two rather large cats and one very small dog, the cats would always gang up on the dog and chase him out of rooms they did not want him in and so forth. I never cured the problem, in my case I do not believe anybody ever got hurt. From reading your posting again, I do not see that Willy or the cats are getting hurt, which is good. So whereas I do not have a cure for you, I just wanted to let you know this is certainly not unusual behavior based on my experience.
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Hi, So far no one has got hurt, but it sure gets all the animals all wound up and me also when Willy starts to cry because the cats have him cornered. If it was just Angel after him I am sure Willy could take care of himself, but when Panther who weighs as much as Willy and Rusty who is also big get involved Willy don't have much of a chance. Panther don't have front claws but the other 2 do. Willy has eye problems as it is, he don't need a cat clawing him in a eye on top of it. I have yet to see how it all gets started, but it is always the same 3 cats and Willy fighting when I hear Willy crying and growling.
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Hi, I can't say for sure yet but I think Cozmo has started to help Willy when the cats gang up on him. I heard them all "arguing" in the back room the other day and I went back there to see what was going on and Cozmo had Angel pinned under a old dresser back there and Willy was telling Angel what he thought of her to.
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awww that's cute - a kitty helping his dog friend I am sure they will work it out eventually. Can't remember how my mom handled it but I know we always had cats and dogs and there was no blood other than scratches on dog noses. One dog was always a small one like a poodle or chihuahua. Let us know how it works out. Wish I could be more help
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I hope it gets better around your house and I hope Willy don't get beat up on no more.

Let us know how things are going.

I am sending Willy some hugs from Mississippi too, please give them to him.

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