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Bonnie has a forever home!!

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The vet tech at our vet's office wants Bonnie for sure. She even offered to pay for her spay. She had a tuxedo cat that passed away last year. She grew up with the cat and even took it to college with her when she moved out of her parents house. She will be an excellent mother to Bonnie and she doesn't have any other pets. Poor Clyde really wants to play with her and snuggle with her but she will not have any of it. She even attacks the dog which is kind of funny. The dog doesn't know what to think and wont even make eye contact with her Imagine a 40 lbs dog running from an 8 lb cat
She wants to take her today but I'm not sure if I should wait until after the spay, she has had a lot going on this last week.
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This is the vet tech hmmm I would let her go. Being she is a vet tech she knows why it is better to spay and am sure she knows it will cost in the long run for her to end up pregnant. This is just my opinion ok
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oh that is good news and as mentioned above I am sure the lady knows how to handle things Keep us posted !
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Well, Bonnie made a visit to the clinic today to meet the tech again (her name is Julie). She went home with Julie tonight and will be spayed on Monday. I was willing to pay for the spay but she gets a discount and is going to take care of it.
That is kind of a relief because I may end up having a c-section on Tuesday (cross your paws that I don't). It is just one more thing I don't have to worry about.
I didn't walk away from the clinic with an empty carrier though. I am such a sucker Karrie, the other tech had a baby for me to bring home. A little male kitten. His mom died during a c-section delivery and she has been raising 3 kittens by hand. The owner surrendered them cause she worked full time and couldn't take the time to bottle feed. He is adorable and his name is Osbourne. I will take some pictures tonight.
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This is Osbourne (Ozzy for short)

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OMG! he is the cuttest little ball of fuzz i have ever seen. Like alittle cotton ball (you just want to squeze him)
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Thanks! He has the cutest little flat nose. I can't keep my fingers off it
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Ooh! He looks like he's got Persian in his bloodline! He's adorable!

And yes, you're a sucker. But I would've done the same thing--he's irresistible!
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OMG! He has got to be one of the cutest things on four paws!
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His mother was Persian and they said his dad was too. I saw pictures and the dad looked at least part persian. His face wasn't as flat as moms and he had blue eyes. I got copies of some pictures she had. Maybe I can make him a baby book.
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aww , im happy to hear that bonnie found a new home. and what a sweet baby ozzy is aww . and fingers crossed that everything goes well for you and the baby on tuesday.
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OMG ozzy is tooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awwwwww all these baby kittys and pg. bellies are making me want a new baby kitten or a new baby hahaaa. but I am "fixed" LOL and no more kitties for me as I have my hands full with 2 dogs, 3 kids and 4 cats and my dd has 4 birds (was 5 but one passed away). LMAO!
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Yeah, I imagine your house is full
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Oh, Ozzy!!! He's a dreamy little ball of fluff!!!
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he is so darn cute I love them name I WANT HIM
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