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Recovery time from Spaying?

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Hi everyone,
My 7 month old kitty was spayed Wed afternoon. I picked her up from the vet the following day. She's been extremely quiet and cries if I try to pick her up. I realize she will be tender with pain - but for how long and to what extreme? I've looked at her incision and nothing is oozing - although it looks like there's a little pouch. She is eating and not vomiting. She has found a corner in the kitchen (never was a place she'd lay around in) - and she is curled up sleeping or watching with half open eyes. Does this sound typical - am I just too worried about her recovery?
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I would be putting a call into the vets by now, I have had a few females spayed and all have been fine - two were quiet for a day or two, but nothing more than that.
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If I understand, she hasn't been home for 24 hours yet, as of this Fri. morning?

The first day or two, they might be quiet and somewhat subdued...should perk up by 48 hrs home, at the latest. Booktigger is right, whenever you have any doubts...just call the vet.

I will say this, I don't try to pick my girls up for a good week after the surgery. That's got to be a sensitive area on their belly. During that healing time, If I have to pick them up, in order to medicate or get them down off of something, then I scoop them up, under their feet - avoiding the stomach area.
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My 2 youngest were spayed last fall; one recovered very quickly, and was her old self within a day or two. The other had a totally different reaction to the anesthesia and took several days to recover. I'd probably call the vet just to put your mind at ease.
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