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I really miss not having a cat...

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Since Tigger died, ive been a bit lonely... I really miss him.

My mum wont get another cat n i dont want one at the moment, its to soon after whats happend. Theres just, i dont know its hard to explain! Theres just emptyness in the house.
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I am so sorry that you feel sad, but your mom will know when she is ready to get another cat.

I think that your heart has to be ready too.

I am sending you and your mom some hugs from Mississippi, I hope ya'll feel better soon.

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Awwww If you lived closer you could come and see Rosie and Sophie
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It is so hard when you lose a loved pet - and it doesn't matter how many others you have in the house either. You and your mum will know when it is time - in the meantime, is there a local rescue you could go to to get your kitty fix?
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I am so sorry you feel this way. Tigger is watching at the rainbow bridge. Maybe you can volunteer at the shelter. It might help.
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Sending vibes to you and your mom. It is always hard when you lose a loved and cherished pet. Hopefully soon you will feel ready to bring another furbaby into your home. But give yourselves time to mourn your recent loss first. Both of you will know when you are ready.
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I know exactly how you feel. We went through the same feelings when we lost Simba - something just seemed to be missing in our home. That's when I realized I was feline deprived and we got our special Bijou.
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Oh dear, I know EXACTLY how you feel After losing Davidson last week, there was an emptyness here too, even with Harley
We adopted Bayley about 5 days after Davidson left us... for us, it was right, and its brought a lot of happiness to our lives since then.

You'll know when the time is right for you to bring in another furball
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I do know how you feel. It has been just over three months since I lost Alley and it just feels so lonely without her. I can't get one yet, due to landlord issues, but plan to adopt one when I move in a couple months.

In the meantime, I go to petsmart every weekend and donate and spend a few minutes just petting the kitties there.
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I don't think there's any right or wrong timeframe as to when to get another cat after losing a beloved friend...it's whenever you're ready.

Last July, my parents lost their dear old kitty, Dusty. He was about 16 years old...my father was DEVASTATED. Sobbing uncontrollably, couldn't sleep, etc. They told me that they were eventually going to go out and adopt a young male pair, but didn't feel ready at the moment after losing Dusty. Well, it wasn't more than 2 days later, that they brought home a young tabby male, and a lovely ginger tabby female. They know Dusty will never be replaced, but adopting the cats did help to fill the void of coming home to an empty house, and it allowed them to work through their grief a little easier.

You and your mom will know when the time is right. I'm so sorry about Tigger.
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