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Hi everyone
I need to shave the little ones. Can someone tell me what I need for the job? I want them to be only with an inch of fur, that would be fine for the hot season that we're in . I asked a professional but asked for 24 GBP. That quite alot for one persian, and I have 2. So any ideas for me guys?
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If you're leaving it at 1" you could probably do that with scissors, I think the sound of clippers would scare the cats and wouldn't be easy to do as a novice.
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hmmm I tried with the scissors before. Snowbell came out like a punk hehe. His coat is a bit thick and full. I was thinking about an adjustable shaver maybe? I don't know I tried to search a bit on internet but it would be better if someone that knows better for advice ( like you :p)
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Originally Posted by xerr View Post
( like you :p)
Oh no not me I have 3 long hairs but haven't ever tried to clip them.
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