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6 week old Shaking alot after eating

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Im Kate and I have 2 cats 1 called Little Puss who turned 2 on November 2nd and Georgi who was born January 28. Now my wee Georgi who I didnt intend to have at her young age shakes badly after I give her special kitten milk and after she eats. I know she should only just be weaning at this age but would that be whats causing her to shake?. Its starting to worry me a bit
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Welcome to TCS Kate.

And unfortunatly I have no answer for you as this has not happened for me so far.

I would suggest a call to your vet for advise.

Sorry to be of no help - maybe some of the others have anwers for you...they are all asleep right now!

Good luck!
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It happens sometimes to kittens when they are just starting to eat for themselves. All of my kittens have done it and there was nothing wrong with any of them. Ask your vet if it makes you more comfortable though.
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how do you mean shake? like confulsions? or just a bit how do you put it.. twitchy?
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Welcome to TCS first of all and also. Call the vet and ask it is free and it might ease your mind. I am lost on the shaking sorry.
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All of my new kitties do that when they start to eat 'real' food. especially if it is not warmed. I just also figured it is because it is a new way of eating and eating takes alot out of the body-even humans. Nothing has ever been wrong with mine and after a few weeks they don't do it anymore.
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Her whole body i guess shivers for a little while. She seems healthy in all other respects so Im guessing its just the new food. I just have a couple of questions.
What age can I feed her real meat like my older cat will only eat Jimbo's and what age can she eat it aswell? Also when is the earliest age I can get her spayed?
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im sorry i have never heard of that cat food so i dont know what to tell you , she should have a good quilty kitten food untill she is 12 months old. some do it when there 10 months old though. i dont know what cat foods your able to get there but royal canin is a really good kitten/cat food. it does sound like the shivers are normal. but if atall worried just give your vet a call. we can only give as much advise as we can , but we not experts. hope everything contuines to go well. oh and also some vets vary on what age they S/N some do it at 6 months old some do it as early as 8 weeks old , again you will have to speak to your vet about this as there all different.
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Ok .. so she is not interested in water at all! I might try her with some later - she is asleep right now but what should I do. Should I water down her kitten milk?
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