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Tavia please

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I know you think meowmy needs assitance with typing but she doesn't and she certainly doesn't need you pushing buttons that she has no idea what they do. Could you please just sit in meowmy's lap to look at the other kitties. And please try to keep the tail swishing to a minimum meowmy just bought this very expensive computer and she wants to keep it new atleast for a month or so. Maybe meowmy can get you a shelf so you can sit up hi and observe your palace without sitting on top of the keys of the laptop.
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my labtop is provided by my school but uhh i think imma have to buy it when schools done there is so much cat hair, I am constantly cleaning my keys, and o my when they hit those buttons and u dont know what happened it always make me so crazy like o no what did u do u r gonna cost meowmy alot of money arent u I know how i feel..and well big bella who weighs about 13-15lbs and well i am a little weary of her sitting on the computer

what is it with kitties and labtops, something we will never figure out
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