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I can't be the only one on here....

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Who wears braces! Yuck...I'm going on almost 3 years (minus 4 to 5 months) Well, they keep shifting and now my gum is getting pinched. I can't wait to get them off!! I am so tired of food getting stuck in there and it's just gross. Not to mention it's so hard to brush and flossing is out of the question. You have to do some serious voodoo to get the floss in there! I told my orthodontist that I didn't care what I had to do as long as no more teeth were pulled out! I've been bad at times. I haven't worn my rubber bands as often as I should! So I'm sure that has prolonged me getting them off.
Can anyone relate?
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I've never worn them, but my younger brother did for YEARS- he never wore his rubberbands like he should have & that really prolonged him having the braces on... for like almost a full year longer than he should have had to have them on!
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I had Invisaligns, but have to switch to regular braces (as the Invisaligns were not doing their job).

I'm a bit scared about the braces after reading your post though! My orthodontist told me you could 'easily' floss with them. Eek!
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Well, if you have a wire in, it's like threading a needle if you use regular floss, but they have a neat little electric flosser you can get at wally or any grocery store, but I have yet to use it. I brush my teeth a lot more than I ever have.
I have to say that I've done pretty well. I have never broken a bracket.
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The first thing I had when I got mine off was an apple. I hope you enjoy whatever food is on your list.
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I had them for 4 years as a teenager, proud to say I never broke a bracket either I hated them, but now my teeth are so perfect.
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my dentist tried to get me to get them but it was a bad dentist he had pulled one of my teeth like my 6 year old molar thing or something like that and next thing I know my jaw kept getting locked after that and he tried telling me that my others would need pulled within a year, well its been a few and they are fine and also he told me that my wisdom teeth werent in when well I knew the one was it and the others the whole time were embedded in my gums so my dad had canceled the insurance and sure enough a few months later who needed to go to the dentist....Me and I knew it was my wisdom..but this time we went to a different guy who did the tests and everything and gave us the number ot get my wisdom out and luckily that was covered under our health insurance (when I told my dad i refused to go to that dentist i didnt think he was going to get rid of the insurance i just meant lets switch dentists) But the only way I think I would get braces would be the invisalign stuff and thats it, ic ouldnt handle all those wires in my moth and stuff
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Just think that the day you get them off will be one of the best days of your life. That's how I felt. Now I'm super happy that I have perfect teeth, unlike what I could have had. EEEeeekkks.
I don't miss those days, I must admit. I had canker sores allllllll the time. Then I had to put this wax on the metal to calm the sores...... it really sucked. Plus I'd have to put on clove oil baby Orajel, for teething babies, to dull the pain.
Then I had elastics that would pop out all the time. This is bringing back memories!
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I had braces for 2 years when I was a teenager because Ihave a gap between my two front teeth! After I got them off my teeth moved right back to where they were before I had them. I wore my retainer and they still went back after they said I didn't need that anymore.

When I was 27 I tried it again, only with just a retainer. It worked while I wore the retainer but after they said I didn't need that anymore the gap came back!

I guess I am supposed to have that gap between my 2 front teeth!

I hated braces... I remember it hurt whenever they tightened the wire!
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I wore them for 2 years. I guess I didn't mind them so much as they were nothing compared to the rest of the orthodonic work I had done as "prep".

I do remember how much it stunk getting them off...I felt like the nurse was just trying to get them off by shaking my head.

Once you get them off, you'll be surprised how white your teeth are. The glue really protects against staining.
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I don't wear them and never have....but I could have used them when I was younger. I wouldn't dare get them now because I would feel too dorky

But I do wish I could have had them so I would have straight teeth..but aaaah, I guess my teeth could be alot worse.
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