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A happy dance for kitties bonding!!

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I was in the bedroom tonight cuddling Harley because he's not feeling well, and Bayley came up to us, and layed down right next to Harley, and let Harley groom him... and Harley put his arm around Bayley!! They have NEVER done this without some sort of hissing by Bayley or growling!
Recently they've accepted eachother, but have never been THIS close!!

It was just so great to see Harley doing that, and Bayley really accepting it and not putting up a fuss, especially w/ Harley not feeling that great!!

Happy dance!!!

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Yay!!! Maybe Bayley decided he'd do it just because his brother isn't feeling well. Get better soon, Harley!
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Awwww...that is so cute! I am glad they are getting along better. I hope Harley feels better soon! I wish our cats got along that well.
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All I can say is YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope there are many more snuggles to come.
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WTG Boys!!!
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woo hoo! doesn't it just melt your heart when they love each other...
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That's wonderful news Kenz!

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Awwwww Kenz, that makes my heart melt. That little Bayley is a god send
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THat is wonderful news! They will be great brothers!!
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Harley & Bayley
That is wonderful news.
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That is fantastic news!!
Im sure its really hard for both of them. Bayley has been confined for months now, and Harley is missing Davidson, so this is an extra special breakthrough
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I just logged in this morning and this is the first post I've read - what a wonderful way to start off my day!

That is SO sweet of Bayley - please give both your boys a smooch from me!!!
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That's awesome!!! Good Boy Harley!!! Good Boy Bayley!!!
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Thanks guys! It hasn't happened since then but I was just so happy to see it, it was just wonderful! I didnt want to get the camera because I know they would have both ran away
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Go Harley and Bayley!!!! That must have been so sweet to be a part of. You must have had tears in your eyes seeing that interaction - I know I would have!
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Wow - that's amazingly fast! Good for you Harley and Bayley!
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aww that's great!! I wish my cats would groom each other and cuddle more!
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This is great. It just took a few days but I think they will be great friends now
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Originally Posted by LokisMum View Post
Wow - that's amazingly fast! Good for you Harley and Bayley!
Not as fast as I wish it was! Harley & Davidson bonded like that the very 1st day we brought Davidson home

They are still getting along today, YAY!!!
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That is such wonderful news....Get well soon Harley and Bayley.
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Good wishes to Harley that he feels better soon

And I'm so happy that they are both learning to like each other. That will do a world of good for Harley.
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Thanks everyone
They were playing together tonight, it was so great to see them do that, just like Harley used to play with Davidson
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That is great Kenz
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Yay that is so awesome to hear!!!!! Good boys Harley and Bayley!

How's Harley doing today? Any better?
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