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Kitty is VERY talkative and it drives me mad first thing in the morning! It takes me about 10mins to get up and do his breakfast and he whines and whinges continuesly? the whole time. The more I tell him to be quiet, the more he whinges. He has to have the last word every time.
The best time though is 'cuddle time' in the evening when I lay on the sofa and he comes and sits with his face a few inches from mine and does a gentle meow with slow blinks
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Sonic is only quiet when he is sleeping- I have never known anything like it
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Zoey never shuts up She is constantly talking to me, even when I am not interested

Saki meows when he wants attention or wants to play.
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Vash only catterwauls when he wants attention.
Shadow whines occasionally.
Spaz only talks to canned food.
Cassi will chirp and squeek if you touch her.
Ivory barks while she plays.

Trouble is very, very talkative.
He will gossip for hours on end and thoroughly enjoys having conversations.
He has a very melodic voice and will also often sing to us.
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VERY talkative. various intonations of the classic "meow" sound, or sometimes the winey "meaah."
we've moved twice, and during the first week or so in a new apartment, he doesn't meow at all. i'm always so happy hearing that first "meow" like "okay, i like this place now."
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Tomas is one of the loudest cats I have ever had, he's always meowing or burring. I'm glad he at least has a nice cat voice.
Lately Sho has started to meow and burr a little, maybe Tomas is rubbing off on him a bit?
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Wesley sometimes meows if I talk to him. He meows when he wants to go outside or if he is hungry. He loves to purr! If you pet him, he will instantly purr. I love the little noise he makes sometimes, it's like a cross between a purr and a meow. I don't know how to say it, but it is so cute! He usually does it when he is sleepy and I say his name or come over to pet him while he's laying there.
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