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Question about ribbons

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One of three of my friends (co-workers) has been diagnosed with cancer of the kidney - pretty crappy cause she's due to retire in Dec of this year. She's pretty xxxxxx cause her hubby was going to retire and they were going to take their new 5th wheel and go to stay in Texas for the winter. Now it looks like that won't be happening as she is going to have to be tested regularly. Anyways, we were talking today and I was saying we should all buy ribbons...but I didn't know what color. We knew pink was for breast cancer but what it the color for other cancer? Does anyone know? I'd like to have everyone wearing the ribbon on Monday when she comes in to work...she's now gone for the weekend. I'd appreciate your help on this.
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I'm not sure- but maybe (if they are acurate) you could look under the part of vbPlaza where you can 'Give Ribbons' and look there? There are a lot of different causes/colors there that explain it. If they are acruate w/ their causes & colors, then maybe that will help!

(Like my Pink ribbon I have is Breast Cancer.... the gray one is Brain Cancer... the blue one is Prostate Cancer... )

ETA: I found this website that shows a lot of the cancer ribbons

Scroll all the way down and you'll see them
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